Damn the mind. Sometimes

    I represent the team of Fibrum , a Russian developer of software and hardware solutions in the mobile virtual reality market. Today in the blog of our partner, the group LANIT , we offer you, probably, an unexpected post for a resource about technologies. Namely, how the most primitive, irrational-emotional part of our brain works. Even more surprisingly, this ancient mechanism gets along perfectly with VR.

    Over the past centuries, humanity has diligently underestimated or ignored emotions. It seemed to us that this is complete nonsense against the background of the development of the capabilities of the intellect. And yes, as a result, we got a lot of cool things, but along with them came a giant gap. In a world where everything is sharpened by the evolution of the mind, there is almost no room left for the senses and their evolution.

    Why is it important

    Because, despite education and technology, we are biologically the same as thousands of years ago. A man from 2018 and a man from the 5th century BC. control the same patterns. In modern people, the need for impressions did not just fall off, because of the automation of everything and everyone, it even increased.

    Emotions are not just a mood. Emotions are the most important reagent in the biochemistry of the brain, a filler for empty tubes. Be it fear or delight, they instantly start the processes of hormone synthesis and metabolism. That is, all the gears begin to spin, the body mobilizes and fully fulfills its resource: new neurons grow, more energy appears, and the influence of negative factors decreases on the background of emotional arousal. A person makes decisions faster, works more productively and has a greater interest in the environment.

    Of course, without such a stimulator, no one will die. But living and working is much more difficult. Especially when:

    • the amount of stress rolls over;
    • time for relaxation is less and less;
    • personal communication with people and nature is minimized (thanks, social networks and instant messengers).

    Periodic disruptions in a complex chain of emotional-hormonal reactions can be mown with apathy and poor health “without a cause” even the most motivated and organized.

    As a result, we are not governed by logic, not by plans from a diary and not the notorious will power. We really rule those very primitive mechanisms that, through the emotional perception of the world, helped our great-great-great- ... great-parents. And we are so simple and unreasonably scored on them. As in the old joke - we cry, we prick, but we continue to eat cactus.

    Even large industries are gradually rolling back, from the idea of ​​completely abandoning human resources to maintaining emotional contact with the client. Against the background of the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, anthropologists and sociologists record the increased interest of people in receiving and experiencing emotions. We are looking for it even in communication with service robots (a fresh experiment of scientists in Germany only confirms this). In corporations (for example, in Amazon) technical formalities such as mean presentations are slowly being canceled. This is replaced by oratorical performances and storytelling, since this method affects the senses and thus conveys information better. Studies show that to eliminate or at least reduce the scale of the primitive need of a person for impressions will not succeed very soon.

    The queue to the self-service terminal in the fast food restaurant is always less than the queue to the live cashier, who can make and pour cola instead of coffee. Despite heaps of free videos with cute raccoons, people go to zoos, watch and touch real ones, and it doesn't matter that they do not always smell like roses, they can bite, and you still have to give money for this. What is really there, even in the “Matrix”, the advanced artificial world imitated a simple human life, with communication, events and emotions from them. That is, everyone adjusts to this feature of a person and moves toward selling through emotions. It is so effective that it doesn't even matter whether they are positive or not. But we went further - we sell the emotions themselves .

    DESIRIUM: theory and practice

    How it works? According to the type of exchange: we give our nature what it lacks - emotions, and take from it what we need: not less and less - strength and desire to live.

    And now we will look at the situation in the format of a simple school problem.

    It is VR experiences that underlie the DESIRIUM impressions library. The Fibrum team is the developer of this platform, which allows you to get a rich emotional experience using all the features of VR.

    How DESIRIUM Works

    The emergence of such a platform is a completely expected link of personal progress. In each epoch there was its own revolutionary thing, which touched people lively and made a great deal in world history and culture. At the end of the XIX century, this thing was the discovery of cinema, for example. And at the beginning of the XXI-th - experiences in virtual reality.

    Just do it

    The DESIRIUM homepage is the Dome, where a user is offered a certain emotional charge:

    • laugh and relax;
    • tickle your nerves and get an adrenaline rush;
    • be a member of a terrible story;
    • Travel and discover new worlds.

    For example, our tired middle manager chose the latter category. A directory opens where you can choose which of the experiments it will experience in the next 5-10 minutes.

    The time spent in virtual reality is dosed to avoid any unpleasant consequences, for example, kinetosis.

    The platform is designed for standalone helmets, the most promising segment of VR equipment. Initially, the user will be available 20 experiences from different categories. Their stories provide an opportunity to experience not only familiar feelings, but also those that are familiar only from the movies: each of them is a complete story and really resembles a short film. For example:

    • Mr. President - do not let the owner of the most famous styling and bags under the eyes become sad. At your disposal is not only a bunch of entertainment, Twitter and personal secretary in the mini, but also the red button ;
    • Woodmirk House - running away from the hustle and bustle, you return to your old, filled with good memories of the house. True, during your absence, something happened there that made the blood run cold;
    • Space Walker - open space, you and no one else. See the world from a new perspective, or just meditate away from problems, outside the atmosphere;
    • Roller Coaster - an attraction that is difficult to decide in reality, but which guarantees a strong mix of fear and delight.

    We are not limited to “good” or only “bad” impressions. The more diverse their range, the more interesting, more useful and brighter the sensation.

    For those who are used to games and missions, we have provided special levels of progress (achievements). For their achievement, you get the game currency Descoin and you can acquire even more experiences. To switch between experiences, the user does not need to leave the virtual space or reboot. This allows you not to fall on the most interesting place.

    We have already presented the project at CES2018 in Las Vegas and it has gathered a lot of positive feedback. In the future, we plan to regularly release new experiences. Moreover, we are already working on them.

    You can run DESIRIUM on any virtual reality helmet. Already, the development is available in Oculus Store Mobile (Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR helmets). Very soon the application will be released on Mi VR, HTC Viveport, Pico VR, Google Daydream, Google Play, AppStore.

    We have to admit that the VR and emotions in it - it is not self-indulgence for the majors. This is the evolution of human needs, almost a necessity. We have long and hard worked to develop our physical and rational part, now it’s about emotions. Such is the moral biohacking.

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