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    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 68 - Yegor Bugayenko on how and why you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd of other programmers
    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Issue №136: Chrome is not so audacious, Firefox against trackers, open source and politics, OpenType and a useful cascade, the development of React DOM.
    podcastWeekly Vue podcast, episode 2
    podcastFive Minute React podcast # 45 - How to record a podcast without a microphone and equipment
    podcastDevshakhta Podcast: # 48: The pain from Ext JS and TFS, or how DevOps is changing the world for the better
    podcastThe podcast "CSSSR", News 512 - Issue №19 (20.08 - 02.09)
    habrSix of the most useful reports from Frontend Conf 2018

    Web development

    habrContinuous growth of JSON
    habrSmartTV development underwater rakes
    Why modern web sucks and what to do about it
    enWhat does blockchain mean for frontend developers?
    enInherited code refactoring
    enUsing speech synthesis interface from Web Speech API
    enNative lazy loading for web


    habrNew (and old) units of measurement in CSS that you could hardly hear about
    enAdvanced CSS themes using custom properties and JavaScript
    enFull CSS demos with OpenType properties
    enSuper-enhanced Grid components using custom CSS properties
    enProgressive CSS improvements layouts: from Float to Flexbox & Grid
    enHow to make styles for print-friendly pages
    en“Solving container queries today” - report by Greg Whitworth on CSS Day 2018
    enProgressive block expansion with CSS
    enCSS Editors Shape
    enTwenty CSS Optimization Tips performance


    habrWhy did a person from the Java world become an ardent supporter of Node.js and JavaScript?
    What is testing and why should we do it? The first article in a five-part series about testing in JavaScript
    Node Hero — Node.js Security Guide
    Babel 7 JS Transpiler Release
    enSo what's new in Babel 7?
    enWhat will appear in JavaScript 2018: asynchronous generators, improved Regex
    enJS in examples: 8 different options for using JavaScript Array Slice
    enaiji - a supervised collection of inspiring JS applications that work with AI
    enA quick introduction to web workers
    enOverview of JavaScript timers on the web

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enturbo-json-parse - turbocharged JSON.parse for stable JSON data
      enshimport - use JavaScript modules in all browsers, including dynamic imports
      enreworm - the simplest way to manage application state
      enlazyestload.js - loading images only when they hit the visible area


    Firefox decided by default to block tracking of movements between sites
    Firefox develops a contextual recommendation system for add-ons
    Analyzes the portability of the API of modern web browsers
    Mozilla published statistics on the use of Firefox
    Mozilla published a report on how people use the desktop versions of Firefox
    Google prevents defensive solutions from injecting into Chrome processes
    enNew Mobile Chrome feature will disable scripts for slow connections
    enEcological impact of browser diversity

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