Cloud OS Summit 2013 Conference Papers Published Video

    Dear colleagues! Most recently, Moscow hosted the Cloud OS Summit 2013 conference , in which experts from Microsoft, company partners and independent professionals shared their knowledge, news, their experiences and real-life scenarios for applying cloud technologies included in Microsoft Cloud OS * in practice . Within the framework of four report tracks, conference participants and online broadcast viewers listened to more than 30 reports on the hottest topics on all the latest technologies for building private and public clouds and cloud services: Windows Server, System Center, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Visual Studio and others.


    I am pleased to inform you that all conference reports have been recorded and are now available for viewing to all interested IT professionals, developers, company managers and other specialists and professionals interested in cloud technologies.

    Visit the TechDays conference page to view any of the 30+ Cloud OS Summit reports. You can watch the conference program on the official website .

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I wish you a pleasant viewing .

    About Cloud OS Summit

    Cloud OS Summit is the largest Microsoft cloud conference in Russia. Within the framework of the conference program, the latest technologies were presented, designed to build modern data centers, integrate private and public clouds, involve all mobile devices in the company, effectively manage data and analyze them in the enterprise, and create modern business applications using the power of the public cloud .

    By attending the event, you will learn all about the latest versions of Microsoft products - Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Azure Services. Together with Microsoft experts and its partners, you will discuss scenarios for using the latest products to solve the problems of your business.

    A plenary report was presented at the conference, which opened the event with coverage of all the main topics and more than thirty reports divided into sections:

    • Modern data center - scenarios for building private clouds and automation, monitoring and managing applications, expanding into the public cloud, hybrid scenarios;
    • Personal devices at the enterprise - involving mobile devices in the enterprise, managing personal devices and the issue of security, access to the desktop from anywhere at any time;
    • Cloud platform for application development - scenarios for building modern applications using the latest cloud services Windows Azure and Visual Studio tools, integration of cloud resources and applications with resources in the enterprise;
    • Cloud infrastructure as a service - application scenarios - application building scenarios based on the Windows Azure public cloud infrastructure services, development and testing in the cloud, working with data, analytics and Big Data in the cloud, the latest SQL Server 2014 application scenarios.

    * Cloud OS - cloud operating system

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    What topics of the conference are you most interested in?

    • 55.1% Datacenters, Windows Server and System Center 16
    • 37.9% Personal devices in the enterprise 11
    • 41.3% Public Cloud Infrastructure (Windows Azure IaaS) 12
    • 44.8% Visual Studio and Application Development in the Windows Azure Cloud 13
    • 37.9% Working with Data, SQL Server, Business Intelligence 11

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