"In addition to work, I still work" - 10 questions to the programmer, the third issue

    In past issues, we talked with seasoned guys. There was a frank story of the burnt-out development and optimistic responses of the successful lead of a large company . Today we are interviewing a guy who is just starting his way to IT. And we are still waiting for applications from everyone who also wants to chat.

    Dima Trabo ( dtrabo ), 22 years old, Android developer by day, musician and sound engineer by night. A graduate of the Institute, the main language is Java, but he also knows C, Kotlin, Assembler, C # and JS.

    1. Tell me about the feature that you have implemented and that you are proud of.

    Outstanding features have not yet been done. But I like our last project - an application with interactive metro maps of different cities. For a developer with so little experience, he turned out to be fairly holistic, with a clear structure and very customized.

    Had a few days to exist on developer.android.com, but it was worth it. I realized that the project can follow the conceived model, and not layered one on top of the other with such connections that you think about the frailty of being.

    Well, I remember being proud at the university that I managed to make a kind of strobe that responds to a certain frequency range. Although it was entertainment with Arduinka for a couple of evenings, but the code was notable. Fourier transform - power!

    2. And now - about the most fierce fakap.

    Fakapov constantly a lot. Yet the stability of the android is a never ending topic. The most hated troubles appear when integrating third-party products (we will not use a finger) or because of hardware limitations. The solution of such problems already mutates into a separate art form.

    Yes, and their shoals from krivorukost and inexperience full, there is nothing to hide. They cause such emotional feedback that you want to quit.

    At the very beginning, at the very first project, when I didn’t understand what was happening, I was lazy and loved copy-paste from stack overflow - I nosyachil in one application. Let's just say, in the conditional news feed on certain lunar days, the posts began to repeat every 5-6 posts. When testing, the anomaly was not revealed, and everything went into release.

    Of course, no one died that day. In addition to the rating of the application.

    3. Describe your working space: from the chair and monitor to programming environments and favorite utilities.

    Ikeevsky is a big, pretty table, an office chair with a fixed position and a not very soft big back, headphones, a smartphone, a kettle.

    Working laptop: i5 7th generation, 8 GB of RAM, Windows 10, second monitor. Everything is pretty smart, nice, good, no complaints, only with emulators you need to be careful. Periodically there are thoughts about poppy, because UNIX, iossdk + are some more chips.

    From the software - the expected AndroidStudio. Fully satisfied and happy (although it can simply not be compared with anything) + embedded plug-ins eliminate all drawbacks. GitHub is a way to pass the free time. I worship GitKraken. Well and auxiliary: Postman, SublimeText, DBeaver.

    4. On what basis do you choose a job? Stack, product, living conditions, money?

    This is my first job in IT. I studied at the third year of the ISEU at the department "Prom. electronics and microprocessor systems ". According to the tradition for the summer, we had to find a practice on the distribution and go somewhere to places so remote (for example, at nuclear power plants). Everything except IT companies looked depressing. I had no experience, knowledge, too, there was only desire.

    He came to the interview, said that I can and want everything. They gave me a month to prepare, and I was practicing all summer. And later he joined and stayed to work.

    In general, when choosing the decisive factor, of course, money. But everything is taken into account - conditions, interest, perspective. If for a full garbage offered indecently large money - I would not take it. I just managed to find out what “comfort at work” and “genuinely interesting project” are. These are two luxuries that I can’t refuse from and I will demand them from my employer.

    Extremely skeptical of state structures. I have never heard a praise from there. This is the last place that I will consider as work.

    5. What would you like to fix in the technologies and languages ​​you use?

    • The most obvious is cross-platform. In decisions that are relevant now, too many all sorts of "but." In fact, it is not profitable for manufacturers, but I want to believe ...
    • The vagaries of gradle and stability when upgrading the studio. After seeing the notification about updates, I would like to feel an interest, and not the traditional “well, oh, cheat now.”

    6. Where better to adopt someone else's experience - in high school, on konfy, on Habré? Somewhere else?

    The most effective is teamwork with sensible dudes. Here everything is immediately needed: news, tips, ideas, “they don’t do that, they do it like this”, cuffs, links, etc.

    In universities, I think, there is no experience - there is a cheap eatery. Teachers are older than all that they teach. They know the origins (canon), and everything new is a beautifully converted old. Therefore, in the university only methodical knowledge, separate sciences, but not applied experience.

    Konfy - interesting, but superficial in most cases.

    Habr - "read before bedtime." There are many benefits, but also water.

    Books are very helpful if written by man.

    Well, personally, I still like to find some plus or minus of famous dudes and dig out their githab, if that is at all possible.

    7. If you had unlimited resources (time, money, power, people), what project would you do?

    Now the most interesting projects are necessarily interactive. Blurring the boundaries of the virtual and the real is a very promising thing, and even an ordinary person causes the wow effect to be many times stronger than anything else. But all this depends more on the design of some especially smart devices, and here you will not get enthusiastic about enthusiasm.

    From something far away: bio-neuro-cybernetics is interested. The thing is fantastic, but real. And it sounds romantic ... I would

    definitely make some kind of educational unit, and for some reason I want to promote electric transport to the masses.

    8. How do you relax? What are you doing besides work?

    In addition to work, I still work. There is a job as a sound engineer in a cover band. It helps to get distracted. Frequent trips, new faces, sometimes just fantastic events do not give the feeling that I am sitting in one place.

    I love music, but IT is more extensive, stable and independent. Earn experience cool sound, make the name and price of stuff in the Russian Federation - this is a feat.

    9. Tell about three favorite books - educational, popular science and art.

    Scholastic : For some reason it seems to me that they are all almost the same, but let it be Schildt “Java8. The Complete Guide, Design Patterns in Java (I don’t remember the author).
    Now Bloch has started “Effective Java”, but it is too early to give an assessment.

    Nauchpop : Erickson "The Art of Exploit" comes to mind. Very loud title, but I will definitely reread. I have never seen anywhere so much in such a small volume. Beautiful eyeliner, the basic features of C and programming in general, beyond the base of the assembler and, which is probably the coolest, the relationship of one with another. Networking basics, basic hacking jokes, etc. Just a very cool book.

    Fiction: honestly, the docks of android is still art. But seriously, I like various autobiographies (musicians, filmmakers, journalists, including). Just after they want to do something, the motivation in romance, I guess.

    10. If a consciousness wakes up right in front of you in AI, what will you tell him?

    I would ask how the good is different from the bad. Well, then I threw the source code on the githab.

    A question from the previous hero: knowing that you would not return back, would you fly to Mars on the first expedition?

    It’s as if you didn’t finish the old project, and you’ve already been given a new one.

    But generally, looking with whom. I would fly with people, but I wouldn't fly with assholes. It is better to let a person be less useful, but pleasant, interesting, understanding, able to listen, than a universal d ****** that hears no one and does not perceive.

    Since human beings inhabit Mars, let them begin their colonization not with technical innovations, but with humanity.

    Bonus: ask a question to another developer

    If your profession, the work of a lifetime, and what you feed your loved ones (family) were declared illegal one day, what would you do?

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