Da Vinci 3D Color Printer. Photo report from XYZprinting Company presentation

Good day everyone! With you company 3Dtool . Today we want to bring to the attention of readers, a small photo report. Recently, our experts were at the presentation of 3D-technology from the company XYZprinting .

The company produces 3D-printers, 3D-scanners, Equipment for post-processing, focused primarily on training and home use. Presented as entry-level models: Da Vinci Jr 3D printers

So are more advanced solutions. Color 3D-printer Da Vinci Color and great 3D-printer Da Vinci the Super :

3D-printers series Da Vinci Pro .

Also presented were photopolymer 3D printers of the Nobel series . There were two options. One uses the classic SLA technology . The second - recently received distribution, cheaper - DLP . In addition, the polymerization chamber was presented for post-processing SLA / DLP (red cylinder in the photo). The cost of this solution is lower than analogues from other companies.

The samples printed on various 3D-printers were demonstrated:

A sample printed on 3D-printersDa Vinci .

Example of printing a Da Vinci Color 3D printer . In our opinion, a decent result. Customers often ask on which 3D printer you can budgetly print colored human figures? And earlier, all that we could offer for color 3D printing in the minimum budget is Mcor’s 3D printers that cost at least 1.8 million rubles. At the moment, thanks to the development of XYZprinting - the cost of the solution is 400,000 rubles, which you agree is more acceptable.

Below are examples of printing photopolymer printers.
Photopolymers are also flexible. An example of printing on a Nobel 3D printer .

And this is a solid elastic polymer.

Printers have been demonstrated in the work. 3D printer printingda Vinci Pro .

The process of printing the mask presented above on a Da Vinci Color 3D printer .

All da Vinci printers are equipped with Bowden extruders. Bowden extruders are lighter and have better positioning accuracy and printing speed. But you have to pay for everything. The peculiarity of this scheme is that it is difficult to print with flexible plastics.

But XYZprinting offers the PRO series printers, a solution to this problem. A special device for printing flexible plastics. In fact an additional direct extruder.

We were also pleased with the demonstration of software collaboration between 3D scanners and XYZ Printing 3D printers .

A man has been scanned.

After preparing the model in the program, it was sent to print on a da Vinci Color 3D printer .

The process of printing a scanned model.

The plastic dyeing unit with ink cartridges attracts attention. CMYK color scheme is used, as in printing.

The end of the print, we did not wait. But what you saw at the beginning of the presentation, allows you to think that the result was worthy.

The da Vinci Color printer already has reviews, and is familiar to people who are interested in 3D printing. For those who do not know, in a nutshell we describe the principle of operation of color 3D printing.

It is, on the one hand, the usual FDM printer printing PLA. It has a special node for coloring the filament, on the principle of action, similar to an inkjet color printer. A special type of PLA is used , which absorbs paint very quickly. In the process of printing, the thread is tinted.

When this principle was described, at the initial presentation of the printer, it caused some doubts about the print quality of this design.

The reality is confirmed by advertising brochures - the result is really worthy. Somewhere not even inferior to full-color printing from gypsum printers, worth several million rubles.

The tour was not very big, but left a pleasant impression. Of the models presented, the da Vinci Color attracted the most attention . As we wrote above, there is a great interest among people to print full-color models.

This printer model can be purchased in our company - 3D printer XYZ da Vinci Color .

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