CJM Meetup in MegaFon - how it was and what we talked about (video reports)

    Hello, Habr! My name is Volodya Zimin, I'm acting Design Director at Alfa Bank. A few days ago, on August 23, MegaFon colleagues held a useful meeting in our office where we discussed CJM.

    CJM, aka Customer Jorney Map, helps to understand how the user interacts with your service. No matter how you conceive this service from the point of view of design and interface, an inquisitive user will always find a place where you can stumble, click something wrong, or just sit and sadly feel uncomfortable.

    CJM allows you to see these places, conduct the necessary research (this is important), and then fix everything that is worth fixing.

    My report was entitled "How to use CJM's potential to the maximum: typical mistakes made by UX designers and product managers - an expert look from the inside."

    I tried to talk about why, in principle, it is important to talk with users and listen to their advice, why it is harmful to neglect the context and something else that will help to squeeze out as much useful as possible from CJM.

    Under the cut - a video with a report (as well as reports from colleagues from MegaFon, Octoberry and the Boston Consulting Group) and presentations.

    And the presentation can be seen here .

    Natalya ptaxa Sprogis , head of the customer experience research laboratory at MegaFon, with a report “CJM production factory, or the complexity of implementation in a large company”.

    Natalya told how MegaFon has implemented CJM in the launch processes of all products, how they searched for the ideal CJM format and how they use it in principle.

    PS There are problems with inserting the same video with different timings beginning in the post, if you have all 4 videos - my report, I duplicated the beginning of the speech of each speaker with text.

    Natasha's report starts at 1 h 20 min

    Presentation here .

    And here is Magomed Yandiev , a UX analyst from Octoberry, and his report, “Come undress, or what the customer journey map can say about your company.”
    He believes that CJM can tell a lot not only about the user of the product, but also about the company itself.

    We look from 57:54

    Also with us was Vladimir Melnikov , Head of CX, Boston Consulting Group. Customer Journey, “Hype Cycle and the Dunning-Krueger effect when implementing CJM in design work.”

    From the video you will learn what and how Volodya personally uses on his projects (and why not all of this can be called CJM), and you will also see successful examples of CJM implementation. And not only.

    We watch the video from the very beginning.

    Volodya's presentation is here .

    If you don’t like presentations, you can simply ask your questions in the comments.

    Have a nice day.

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