js2js: JavaScript to JavaScript compiler

    JavaScript is the assembler of the web. There are dozens of projects in the world that compile code in C ++, Java, C #, Python, Ruby, or any other language in JavaScript. There is practically no language left that cannot be compiled in JavaScript. Well, except maybe ... JavaScript itself!
    We decided to rectify this situation. Meet: js2js - a revolutionary compiler that compiles JavaScript into JavaScript!

    Key features of the project

    Control : you get full control over each line of the resulting code. You can even compile a broken JavaScript program into an identical broken program.
    Zero overhead : js2js will not slow down code execution, compiled code will have exactly the same performance as the original one.
    Integration : js2js works with any other existing JavaScript-related technology: AngularJS, Emscripten, Vanilla JS, jQuery, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and even Dart.
    Compatibility : The code generated by js2js supports all types of stationary, mobile devices and browsers. Even if you are writing under Netscape 2.0, you can compile your code in js2js.


    Project code is available on github and runs on NodeJS. In order to compile your code, simply enter the command in the console:
    node js2.js -i  -o 

    For example, you can compile the compiler itself:
    >node js2.js -i js2.js -o js2.compiled.js -v
    Welcome to js2js compiler.
    Compiling js2.js...
    Output is written to: js2.compiled.js

    How can I help the project?

    The project code is available under the MIT license, which means you can send your pull-requests, develop your project branch, use it in your commercial and not very projects, or just tell your friends about it.

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