Download files without Flash on

    Having seen a topic Do I need a SQLite hub on Habrahabr? I recalled that still uses the Flash file downloader.

    It creates problems for Linux / OS X platforms where, to put it mildly, Flash does not please most users, and many (including me) do not install Flash specifically to extend the battery life of the device and eliminate unnecessary CPU load.

    Many have to use separately installed Chrome to upload photos.

    Well, about the "buns" as the ability to load using drag and drop, which we don’t have, I’m already silent.

    Therefore, a survey should be conducted on how many people suffer because of this.

    PS Well, in general, it’s somehow wrong, the site is about high technology and uses only flash to download files, without the possibility of replacing it in case of absence.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What should i do with the flash loader on habrastorage?

    • 52.6% Replace with any other abandoning Flash 1017
    • 42.2% If there is no Flash, show another bootloader that works without Flash 815
    • 5% Leave it as is 98

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