Vertical Scaling and Money. Hosting Industry Evolution

    In this review article, I will talk about a unique solution in the hosting industry, which was created by simple programmers. This is a vertical scaling of applications and a unique billing engine that allows for honest calculation of consumed resources and payment only upon the actual use of resources.

    Users who have realized and appreciated how these two technologies work are more likely to never return to old hosting solutions based on payment for the selected limits, to old VPS platforms.

    To begin with, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with our new video, which lays out the highlights of the billing system in Jelastic .

    Let's talk a bit about vertical scaling and how it affects saving money.

    Vertical scaling

    In simple words, vertical scaling is when resources for an application are allocated within the same virtual machine depending on the load and returned to the operating system when they are no longer needed. Those. when an application can scale “up” or “down”, for example, by memory or processor, depending on the current load.

    We have analyzed thousands of applications that run on Jelastic. The vast majority of applications have a variable load within the same virtual machine. Those. all of these applications need to be scaled up. Or in other words, they need the right billing, an honest calculation of the resources they consume.

    For example, in all outdated hosting platforms, very often a user buys VPS with 4GB of RAM, but in reality 99.9% of the time he uses only half of the resources or even less. Because it is very difficult to predict how much an application needs resources at any given time. Another example is when application owners very often order resources based on maximum load. And this is correct, since I would not want to “fall face down into the mud” when a wave of visitors arrives and the load grows extremely quickly. But in this case, they are forced to overpay for those resources that are not used.

    Flexible billing system

    In the case with a frequent variable load or when the number of required resources is not known in advance, Jelastic is the ideal solution. Because no matter what limit you set, the billing system only calculates the resources actually used by your application.
    Nevertheless, of course, there are a number of applications and stacks for which vertical scaling either does not work (due to their features), or simply does not make sense (for example, with a very small load fluctuation).

    The video below explains the basic principles of the Jelastic billing system. This is a very flexible mechanism that allows you to squeeze the maximum savings for your application, depending on its features.
    Let's analyze in detail how the billing system works. Jelastic provides the ability to set dynamic (dynamic) and reserved (reserved) cloudlets depending on the features of your application.

    Scaling limit

    Cloudlet is a conditional base unit of resources, which consists of 128 MB of memory and 200 MHz CPU.
    Dynamic cloudlets - dynamic resources are paid only upon their consumption.
    Reserved cloudlets - reserved resources are cheaper, but always paid regardless of the fact of their consumption. The exception is if the application is stopped, then only the consumed disk space is paid.

    Basic setup guidelines

    Your application has a lot of dynamics, the load is difficult to predict, or large and sharp load shocks are expected - use dynamic cloudlets.

    Dynamic cloudlets

    If your application constantly uses the same amount of resources, or if you want to know exactly how much you will need to pay at the end of the month, order only reserved cloudlets, they are cheaper.

    Reserved cloudlets

    Or if your application has some constantly used resources and some dynamic ones - use the hybrid reserved + dynamic cloudlets model.

    Hybrid cloudlets

    It is important to understand that the more you use, the greater the discount, regardless of the type of cloudlets used.

    The developed mechanisms for vertical scaling and a very flexible billing system are unique developments that distinguish Jelastic from other hosting and cloud platforms. We have collected quite a lot of statistics on the use of vertical scaling by Jelastic users. Specific examples will be published in the near foreseeable future - we are preparing materials for articles.

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