The megaphone has disabled sending SMS with a letter destination

    From today, Megafon unilaterally blocked sending messages from letter senders for SMS services. At the moment, messages to the Megafon network reach only from registered senders.

    As I understand from the conversation with the representative, SMS services hastily switch to direct sending channels to Megafon and, under this sauce, drastically increase the cost of sending a message to this operator. In the future, I do not exclude the possibility that other operators will do the same.
    In principle, if the sender has a digital number, then the SMS leaves, but with large volumes of messages, these numbers will obviously be blocked.

    On the one hand, it’s nice that they begin to fight with SMS spammers, on the other hand, as always in Russia, everything starts with an “ax around the neck”, as a result not only spammers, but also honest services fall under the distribution.

    PS. A separate “ray of good” from smstraffic, which did not even bother to warn its client about this situation, despite assurances in its letters that “We are ready to guarantee uninterrupted message delivery to subscribers of any networks, regardless of changes in their policies for working with SMS traffic aggregators ". How so ...

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