A program for encrypting 3D models has been released

    Owners of 3D printers are preparing for a confrontation with copyright holders. Everything goes to the fact that the owners of rights to various 3D-models (for example, Mickey Mouse figures) will prevent the publication of these models in the public domain. In addition, law enforcement agencies may interfere with the free flow of other prohibited objects, such as weapons.

    The London programmer Matthew Plummer-Fernandez believes that cryptography can solve the problem. He developed the Disarming Corruptor program , which encrypts the STL file, so that you can get the original 3D model only with a password. At the same time, protected files can be published in public directories like Thingiverse .

    Original pistol model (left) and encrypted model (right)

    You can freely publish the encrypted model, and distribute the key among trusted people.

    The program allows you to manually draw arbitrary shapes in a fake model and set a seven-digit code that matches the transformation parameters (yes, the protection is not very reliable, but this can be fixed).

    So far, the author has released only a free utility for OS X ; now he is working on versions for Linux (32, 64) and Windows (32, 64).

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