Google Helpouts - Paid Video Expert Advice

    The search giant has launched its previously announced Google Helpouts project , which is a centralized meeting of experts who are ready to share their knowledge for a fee (although you can find free help) using video calling.

    The service’s mechanics look something like this: someone who needs advice on a specific topic — and the offered areas of knowledge are quite extensive, ranging from art to health (Computers & Electronics, too, have not forgotten) - enters the search box with the keywords of the problem and sees a list of experts willing to share their experience and knowledge.

    When you go to the expert’s personal page, you can read about his knowledge and skills, and there are two situations for talking with him: you can either join the consultation queue using the button with the same name or schedule it for a later date — which one is indicated an expert. To understand what the expert is, a 5-point rating system (very similar to the same from the Play Market) and a feedback system have been introduced. In addition, you can communicate with the author using a personal message.

    At the moment, to register in the system as an expert, a special invite is required. You can probably set a price for your help arbitrarily (for example, a person is ready to adviseby JavaScript for $ 50), and Google Wallet will be used for calculations. Interestingly, the “help buyers” are warned to specifically monitor the price of the consultation, because the provider (expert) can change the price as he sees fit. However, a 100% refund in case of disputes is guaranteed by the system. It is not yet possible to read the rights and obligations of experts - the corresponding link gives the 400th error. Also, as far as you can understand, there are no geographical restrictions on the use of Helpouts. The monetization of the service for Google is that the expert will have to share the amount received for the consultation with the company.

    Technically, the conference itself takes place on the existing Google Hangouts platform, so you must have a Google+ account to participate.

    Video demo service:

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