Google webmaster - Stats for the author

    A new feature has appeared in the Google Toolbox for Webmasters - Statistics for the author . The essence of the section, as you might guess, is to display search statistics for those pages (articles, etc.) for which copyright is confirmed. More about copyright in the Habré - Habrahabr authors in Google search results or in Google Help .

    At the moment, there are not so many opportunities, but you must admit that without unnecessary movements it is also nice to receive the number of clicks and impressions for a certain period of time. I hope that this function will soon migrate from the laboratory section to the main one and will be expanded with a large number of possibilities. Already now, by the way, there are not enough detailed statistics on keywords.
    I do not pretend to be original news, but a search in the hub did not yield results. We have many authors, I will be glad if this information is useful to anyone.

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