Increase safety in two clicks

    This article is not about how to protect your computer, but about how to reduce street crime. Below is a project that, if implemented, will increase the security of each of us individually and of society as a whole. In addition, he is able to change for the better and the society itself.

    To implement the project, neither the technical revolution nor the intervention of aliens is needed. It’s enough that our community speaks “FOR”.

    Emergency service

    The main objective and unique function of the Service is to give a person who is at risk of a criminal nature the opportunity to instantly attract the attention of others by sending an SOS signal. This feature will naturally increase security because:
    1. The number of witnesses to any incident will increase dramatically. Crime detection will increase. Crime will decrease.
    2. Potential criminals will quickly realize that committing a crime and going unnoticed has become much more difficult. They are aware of the increased risks. This will reduce crime.
    3. Each of us will be able in many cases to avoid the grave consequences of the attack simply because the criminal, upon seeing people appearing nearby, stops the criminal actions and tries to hide.
    4. People will begin to help each other in emergency situations, and this will change their attitude towards each other and will begin to change the very atmosphere in society from fear to trust.

    I would like to draw your attention once again to these four points. They are very simple, but fundamental. It is these mechanisms that represent the core of the Service, on which all additional functionality will be strung.

    Obviously, the SOS signal sent by a person must be received not only by others, but also by special services (police, Ministry of Emergencies, ambulance, etc.) and, if desired, by his relatives. All this should happen immediately, because there may simply not be enough time for the second signal, not to mention phone calls.

    Service will make the police work

    and at the same time will be of great help to the police. It sounds absurdly somewhat strange, but it will be so. To understand why, let's get acquainted with the technical implementation of the Service.

    The user installs the Panic Button program on his smartphone or tablet or uses a separate key fob with the corresponding button. When the panic button is pressed, an SOS message is sent to all the surrounding and special services with a photo and information about who pressed the panic button, as well as its current coordinate. The user becomes visible to others ONLY when the panic button is pressed. The SOS message is the start of a group chat. Then, others will be able to photograph or film the incident, while all information will automatically fall into this group chat and will instantly be available to everyone. In addition, the system will be able to automatically monitor on-line the further movement of all people who are in the incident zone and publish messages in the chat, for example, of the following nature: "10 people received a signal of help, 5 of them are already going to help." Through the same channel, law enforcement agencies will be able to quickly coordinate the actions of all witnesses who are close to the incident. The smartphone itself, on which the panic button was pressed, can turn on the listening and broadcasting of audio and video to the broadcast.

    In addition to the interaction tool at the time of the incident, this group chat will become, in fact, a documented chronology of the incident. He will help to find the guilty and not leave the heroes in the shadow of attention.

    Investigators will be able to quickly get photos of criminals, find witnesses and solve more crimes “in hot pursuit”. Police will be forced to use the Service because they simply do not have comparable performance tools. And as soon as this begins to happen, you will have to start responding to incoming calls, and, over time, bring the necessary legislative base under it.

    How will the police deal with the shaft of calls if they are not coping now?

    And there is an answer to this question. In the future, six months - a year, street crime will decrease significantly, and there will be less work. But, in addition, the police will immediately receive help. About this and how the Service will earn funds for support and development - further.

    The service will be absolutely free for users. However, if desired, for a small monthly fee it will be possible to further increase your own security (and the safety of your loved ones). In this case, the nearest crews of private security companies that have concluded relevant agreements with the Service will also receive a signal of help. The nearest crew will be OBLIGED to arrive at the scene within the prescribed time period of 2-5 minutes and provide assistance. Thus, in fact, each of us will be able to get personal bodyguards.

    According to preliminary estimates, the subscription fee may be so insignificant that this service will be in great demand. This will greatly relieve the police.

    Additional features

    A service can provide many related features. Here are just a few of them.

    Search for witnesses to an accident. The service will provide an opportunity to send a message asking to respond to everyone who was near the scene of an accident at a specific time. The message can be sent not only immediately after the accident, but also at any time later.

    The panic button can be used not only in case of danger of a criminal nature, but also, for example, if a person has become ill. In this case, everyone around will receive instructions on how to provide assistance to this particular patient along with their request for help.

    In case of emergency, the Ministry of Emergency Situations will be able to instantly localize the area of ​​the incident and effectively coordinate the actions of everyone in this area.

    Service Implementation

    Today, there is not only the concept of the Service, but also existing prototypes. Ahead is a lot of work to be done and many difficulties to overcome, for example, handling false calls. But all these difficulties fade against the background of the significance of the results that can be achieved.

    I am sure that Habr today has tremendous power and if our community speaks “FOR”, then the Service will work within a few months. I urge everyone to be active and express their opinion, and I will keep you updated on the news.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you like the emergency service described?

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    • 29% Yes, I like it. Most likely, I will use it. 473
    • 24.8% I do not understand yet. 404
    • 13.8% Do not like it. 226

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