HiConversion Beta Invitation


    We released our first open version of a social media advertising automation system. We offer those who wish to test it in practice.

    Why do we need this system:

    Using the system, you can accurately determine which ads lead to you orders.
    When it comes to a single ad, statistics are not difficult to see manually through Google Analytics. But one announcement, this is very small! I want to talk about how you can conveniently work with hundreds of ads. And more importantly, getting a good CPA from it.

    How it works:

    For example, we sell women's dresses through Vkontakte.
    We have two cool images of dresses that we want to advertise.


    We need to understand which image often leads to clicks on the ad, and then to the sale.
    In addition, the conversion is affected not only by the image, but also by the text we use.
    Not everything is obvious here either. Here are three examples of text that I could come up with:


    But in every region of Russia, texts and images can work differently. It may be that in the capital it is more important to use delivery information. Whereas in the region, it is more important to report a price.

    So it turns out that we have to test 2 images, 3 texts and 4 cities where we deliver.
    The result is 2 * 3 * 4 = 24 ads.
    Some of them will work well. Some are worse. The difference in the number of sales between the best and worst ads can be several times.

    HiConversion allows you to test all combinations, and find the best ad. Ads can be created one at a time, through the interface. But if there are not 24 ads, but closer to 100, then it will be more convenient to use Excel of this kind: hiconversion.ru/excel-example.xlsx
    Here, each line corresponds to one ad. It is convenient to copy lines and change one of the parameters. Thus, you can create hundreds, and even thousands of ads.


    After creating the ads, we can integrate HiConversion with Google Analytics and collect information from the site. Which ad gave us the most sales.
    In the interface, it will look like this: http://habrastorage.org/storage3/4b7/51e/421/4b751e42195891a220d3bca210d38d1f.png

    Other functions:

    In addition to the mass creation and calculation of transactions, the system has a number of functions that are better written briefly:
    • Automatic tactics. You can drive the CPA that you need, and the system will manage the rates to achieve CPA.
    • Mass operations. You will be able to copy, edit, run, stop immediately ad groups. It's comfortable.
    • Filters, shortcuts and sortings that make it easier to work with arrays of ads.

    Complete with the system relies:

    • A story about how we work and achieve amazing results with a real example.
    • Support at the start in the creation of advertising campaigns. If necessary, we will create the first campaign for you. You will only need to track the results and make adjustments.
    • Operational support and the solution of possible bugs. We will try to make the prefix “beta” minimize the effect on the effectiveness of your PK.

    What we will ask from you:

    • Inform us about any bugs and problems. Yes, there are enough of them so far.
    • Your opinion on the demand for the system. And about the necessary additional functions that we implement for you.

    By price:

    • On our advertising account - for free.
    • At your office (if you are an advertising agency) - 5k rubles per month.


    • We have a long development plan. If someone reads to this place, he will definitely joke about this unfinished item. So I understand that my work is not in vain. And I’ll write about the development plan in the comments.

    About Productivity:

    • The system does not work miracles. It only helps to properly use the time and thoughts of the marketer.
    • Nevertheless, the system has been tested in real work by our agency department. For a year now we have been using this system, and we manage to get indicators that were unattainable before. As an example, CPO for clothing stores within 400 rubles. And the cost of a click on adult residents of Moscow can withstand from 3 rubles.
    • The philosophy of the system "Vkontakte Cabinet + additional features for free." Those. we do not take additional commission, but give additional chips.

    Everyone who is interested - welcome to comments in our corporate blog on
    (there we will publish news of our system), or right here: http://hiconversion.ru/signup/

    This is a beta test. Therefore, there are not many users.
    The approach to each user is personal.
    We will be constantly in touch and will do our best to get you the required KPI.

    PS In October, we released our system for TargetMail.
    As far as we know, this is the first open-source solution in the Russian market in the field of advertising automation in the Odnoklassniki and MoyMir networks.

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