Closed iGoogle

That's all, iGoogle has closed. For many years he was a good assistant to me, helping to avoid unnecessary visits to dozens of projects and sites that I read or manage.


There you could quickly and conveniently connect RSS subscriptions to various resources and always have the latest news and reports from projects before your eyes. A few years ago, he even wrote his module for sending SMS from an iGoogle page. Everything worked wonderfully, strange that Google made such a decision. You can, of course, notice that RSS is an outdated technology that has its pros and cons, but I have not yet found anything simpler. RSS still makes it extremely easy to configure any software product to create update feeds, and iGoogle just allowed it to be organized on one page in a convenient and simple interface.

When I covered Google Reader, I switched to Feedly and was very pleased, it is much more convenient than the good old reader and now I really hope that there will be no less worthy alternatives and iGoogle.

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