How the world's first Bitcoin exchanger works


    The Bitcoin exchanger that opened in Vancouver this Tuesday (as promised earlier) turned out to be quite popular: on the very first day, the terminal made 81 operations with a total cash turnover of $ 10,000. At the same time, it is curious that approximately a third of these eighty people first dealt with cryptocurrency: figuratively speaking, they came to see what it is.

    The working conditions of the exchanger are such that privacy can still potentially suffer: to perform operations, the device requires a palm scan; He also knows how to scan the QR code of the wallet from the smartphone screen. The daily limit is 3,000 Canadian dollars - the restriction is due to local legislation on combating money laundering. The exchange of deposited amounts in bitcoins is carried out on the Canadian VirtEx exchange, in addition, if desired, you can receive a check.

    Video of the work of the exchanger interface under the cat.

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