My Opera closes in March 2014

    When the My Opera support forums were first launched in 2001, they quickly became an important place to meet you, our users. We talked so much and usefully with you that we decided to make something more out of the forums and the community. And in 2006, we had a stupid but funny idea:
    But what if we run our forums on steroids?
    Let's make a site where you can publish blog entries,
    share photos and add add friends.
    At that time there were not enough good services for what we wanted. Therefore, we decided to create it ourselves.

    We saw that the My Opera service has grown from forums to a home site for an active community. The idea to give you a place for a blog with photos has turned for us into an interesting and very large additional project. Over the years, we have seen social networks and blogging platforms grow left and right and offer more and more interesting features, much more than we could support. These opportunities were their direct business. Of course, you know all of these platforms and you probably use them.

    The explosive development of such sites and the amount of resources needed to maintain our own has changed our view on My Opera. It was a long and very interesting story, but we believe that there are much better places for your blogs and therefore we decided to close My Opera on March 1, 2014.

    Our forums are moving up to while there are four of them: News , Desktop , Mobile , Security .

    This will happen in 5 months - we want to give you enough time to move to a new service and think about what to do with existing records. To make this move as convenient as possible, we created two tools to help you save your notes and photos. You can do this in two simple steps:

    1. Export your blog  - you can transfer the resulting to WordPress, Squarespace, Typepad, Movable Type, Drupal and many other blog platforms.
    2. Save all its contents  - read more at the link.

    Finding a new home for your blog can be tricky. We recommend you two articles on Lifehacker:

    We have prepared some answers to questions about My Opera and the closing procedure that you may have:

    What will happen to my mail on My Opera?

    Like the whole service, My Opera mail will also be closed. We advise you to register on another mail service and save all the necessary letters. It would also be a good idea to set up an My Opera answering machine in response to emails that tell your contacts about the new address. Some mail services: Our friends FastMail , Yandex.Mail , Mail.Ru , Gmail , Outlook , Yahoo! Mail and many others.

    What will happen to the Opera Link web interface?

    It will be available at Just log in with your My Opera login and you will get access to all synchronized content.

    Will it affect other Opera services like

    No, you can still use your My Opera login to access extensions and comments.

    What will happen to the comments on my blog on My Opera?

    Comments will be exported along with blog entries.

    What will happen to old comments on Opera blogs?

    Our new blogs on use the Disqus commenting system, where you can’t import old comments, so old comments will remain on My Opera.

    What will happen to the forums?

    Forums will move to The most important topics will move to new forums and you can continue discussions using your My Opera login. In other words: your My Opera login will become the new Opera login, which you can use for all our services and products.

    Thank you for being with us all these years. Let's continue chatting on , as well as on  Google+ , Twitter and  Facebook .

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