Problems of degradation of modern higher education

The article will focus on the value of a bachelor’s and master’s diploma, the goals of modern students, and also on the dilemmas currently faced by teachers in average universities.

The gray mass of student survivors

Such a situation has arisen that due to the fact that the funding of the university directly depends on the number of students, students are not expelled , the dean’s office scares with loud statements and threats from year to year, but, in fact, only the most-most lagging students are expelled and this is quickly understand, and the bulk begins to survive, and not learns. They go to lectures to play on smartphones and read books just for the sake of the “was” mark. Again, it is purely affected that teachers are required to introduce a point system so that a student with any knowledge can earn his unfortunate three at least somehow. The situation for those who really want to get an education begins to deteriorate and the temptation to “score” is increasing.

So, in the audience at the lecture there are 3 groups, about 60-70 people. The teacher understands that, for good, half of them need to be expelled, and then the program can be safely given in full, without fear that almost everyone will not “pull”, and it will be easier to teach when it is clear that people are drawn to knowledge and they care. But in fact, on the contrary, you need to adjust the program to the bulk, and come up with ways to reach out to everyone, because of which many teachers fall into anguish and lose interest in teaching. Naturally, in such a situation, the quality of teaching falls.

Undergraduate = vocational school?

As I see it, the bachelor’s system should work like this: if a person receives a bachelor’s diploma, it means that he has become an engineer capable of solving engineering problems, and if he wants to solve research problems, he goes to a magistracy. In fact, due to the degradation of the general level of education (middle level students), the undergraduate has slipped to the level of vocational schools. And, for many who consider the knowledge gained insufficient for further work, it remains only to go to the magistracy.

Master - Pros and Cons

From my point of view, a magistracy is great. Since those very survivors are eliminated there (they received their diplomas and joyfully left for their “happy” future), who spoiled the lives of students and teachers for 4 years, and here teachers and students can work 100% of their forces and skills, as a result of which the quality of education increases by orders of magnitude.
The disadvantages of the magistracy are, perhaps, the extra 2 years of study, since at the time of the end of 4 years a student is 21-22 years old, and at this time many do not want to study, but want to get married to work full time and, possibly, build a family . Often, there is nothing wrong with this, there are people who go out after undergraduate studies with worthy engineers and successfully build their careers with the knowledge gained.

However, will it not all come to the point that a person will spend half his life studying, and not so much time will be left for immediate deeds.

Separately, I want to note that all of the above is more typical for engineering departments of secondary universities (in universities like MIPT, for sure, everything is completely wrong) for the same programmers, it seems to me that everything is different, work experience is very important there, etc. ., however, about it and so much was written on a habr.


If you are a first year student, try to think about what you need from the university.

If you only need a diploma and a military ID from the department, then for God's sake, since you most likely will not be expelled, respect your teachers and fellow students. Remember that not everyone has the same goals. But keep in mind that when hiring your diploma will not help you if you don’t know basic things, and you have been taught them, so better rethink why you are here and remember that you can always start studying if you want .

If you know that you want to study in your chosen specialty, then personally I advise you to go to graduate school, since if you have a worthy department, then in these 2 years you will receive a large supply of important knowledge, not only in your specialty, but also in knowledge that help rule the worlddepartment or company in the future. Also, you can consider the option of entering a magistracy of another university, maybe even in another city.

If you are a teacher, I can only wish patience and more successful students. Special thanks to those who do not give up, but are trying to drive knowledge to all their students, since I used to be a survivor too, but then I came to my senses and safely switched to the good side, which I don’t regret a single gram now.

And finally, advice to all applicants and their parents, do not be lazy to conduct a detailed study of the departments (namely them, not faculties) that you are going to enter, the more options you consider, the more likely it is to guess with a future profession and work in the future will be fun, and not torment.

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