We ran a marathon

    I will begin the story about the laboratory projects with our pride - visualization of the results of the Moscow marathon . It shows the circuit and the relief of the track, interesting facts about the race, changing weather and, most importantly, an interactive crowd of runners.

    When the slider moves, marathon runners move along the route: at the start, everyone runs together, but eventually stretches along the track. The crowd consists of "snakes" whose color indicates the gender and age of the runners. In the head and tail of the "boa constrictor", colored dots are visible - leaders and lagging behind. When the winners finish, the closing athletes are on the Garden Ring, having run only a third of the way. Pay attention to the gray blocks on the left and bottom - this is the high-altitude profile of the track. The left part shows the ascents and descents on the way from the start to Gorky Park, the lower - from there to the finish. The total climb on the highway was 230 m, which is equal to the height of the main building of Moscow State University with the spire. A difficult test for marathon runners!

    In addition, we showed the distribution diagram of runners at the finish line, where each athlete can find himself and his “neighbors”, and a complete table with convenient filters by age, team and city - this is not even on the site with official results.

    It was a special project for me. All summer I was preparing for the Moscow marathon, and on September 15 I ran in a multi-colored crowd, noting the changes in the weather for our visualization. Laboratory designer Seryozha Dolinin svetosil specially came from St. Petersburg to run a 10-km satellite race, and then supported the marathoners in a team of fans.

    Work on the project took a month and a half. Sergey and I came up with the design, and Gleb Arestov arestov was engaged in the implementation(I hope he will take part in the discussion and answer technical questions). The result is far from ideal: we did not have time to implement all the ideas and fix the design jambs seen after launch. All this is planned for next year.

    The first marathon was an important event for me. I wanted to remember as many details as possible and tell about it to friends, acquaintances and all-all-all. That's what came out of it!

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