Anonymous claim to have hacked Ukrainian Foreign Ministry mail


    Continuing the topic of hackers, Anonymous group said that it had hacked into a Ukrainian provider, thanks to which they were able to gain access to letters that went through the domain of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

    Hackers write that many letters concern the head of the Oil and Gas of Ukraine Bakulin and his relations with the FSB. Many documents relate to Ukrainian ministers, parliament, relations with the UAE and Azerbaijani oil groups, and the shipment of military cargo.

    To convince the veracity of the information presented, hackers posted 24 screenshots .

    Hackers offer to get acquainted with the full archive of 250 MB (773 files). The link is posted on their website. But, be careful, when downloading the archive you may be asked to install plug-ins for your browser - and who knows if this is a virus or software to monitor you.

    The blog signature concludes with words from the national anthem of Ukraine “Sche ne vmerla Ukraina!” It is possible that Ukrainian experts also participated in the hacking.

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