Crypto Party! - party hard!


    CryptoParty - crypto from the Greek κρυπτός, “secret, hidden” and party - “political party” or “party”.

    Crypto Party! - This is a workshop whose goal is to get participants real experience in organizing trustful communication channels using modern data encryption technologies and replicating this experience.


    The movement is based on a powerful foundation created by cipher banks of the 90s. They also actively supported and promote it.

    The parent of the format is an activist under the pseudonym Asher Wolfe and his friend m1k3y . They came up with parties at which people would share security and anonymity technologies and knowledge with each other.

    The movement became viral and more than 70 ( 2012 , 2013 ) parties all over the world have already passed in a year and a half .

    An activist handbook is available in English .

    Who needs this?

    First of all, to journalists, businessmen, political activists, as well as to anyone who just wants to calmly read what he wants to read, to love the one he wants to love, to say what he wants to say.

    Basic set of topics for the report

    • TOR - surf anonymization and filter bypass
    • OTR - Private Communication Technology
    • PGP / GPG - mail encryption and signing
    • and also: zrtp, TrueCrypt, bitcoin ...


    • DIY - spend a crypto party as you see fit!
    • Sudo leadership - take the initiative on time, and easily part with it.
    • Financial and political independence
    • Listen to lectures and have fun - invite DJs and have fun


    Current address:

    Backup address: - in case of blocking the main

    crypty22ijtotell.onion - magic address for the TOR browser.

    Past events in the CIS


    preCryptoParty is the first timid attempt. A group of advanced + a pair of cipher banks + a foreign guest gathered.

    • CAcert - Sevan Janiyan campaigned for use. We came to the conclusion that until it appears out of the box in browsers, it will not take off.
    • SIP and ZRTP - encrypted p2p sip connection
    • tablet progenitor demonstration


    Party for young scientists of JINR (OMUS). The event was held on the island of Lipnya in the Moscow Sea, without the Internet. I managed to test pgp through the local server, and it turned out that otr works great through bonjour.


    Upcoming event - November 3, 19:00, ArtPlay, as part of the MediaUdar Activist Art Festival

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