WordPress 3.7 “Basie” Released

    On October 24, the next version of the famous CMS Wordpress was released . Wordpress 3.7 is called 'Basie' in honor of renowned jazz pianist County Basie.


    Important architectural updates were made in this release:
    • Automatic updates: WordPress will now perform updates in the background without requiring your participation. In addition, the update process itself has been made more secure and reliable.
    • Improved password guidelines. Your password is the first line of defense of the site in the event of a hacker attack, so the developers have introduced a more stringent password check. Now WordPress will inform you of a low level of security if the site password contains dates, names, part of the alphabet or keyboard layouts (“abcdefg”, “qwerty ') and similar things.
    • Improved localization support. Wordpress itself will track and install all updates related to the localization of the blog. This is done primarily to support non-English blogs.

    Also, you will find more than 400 closed tasks in Trac , many options for managing automatic updates, support for more complex date queries and other chips, more details about which can be found in the code .
    The next version of Wordpress will be released in December.

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