Usability boarding pass: how to save two lives per year

Airlines had 90 years to draw a boarding pass, and they screwed up anyway. I propose to do so:

I recall in 2013 is still around here is : He's disgusting usability. There is no grouping of data, visual dominants, grids, good typography, space. He has the readability of a crumpled punch card.

Voice from the audience: I have never seen anyone with a boarding pass problem . Why take a steam bath?

Indeed, millions of people somehow fly. And in general, they somehow live. Personally, I have never seen anyone:
  • who hit the lightning
  • who slipped and died in the bathroom
  • with prostate cancer.

But they are. There are billions of people in the world, and these billions turn any unlikely event into not only probable, but also massive one. If we say “I don't know anyone”, we are acting unscientific. We build our argument on the so-called anecdotal evidence , that is, on individual cases in which the problem did not occur.

Instead, we should appeal to the following things:
  • usability quantitative research: the time in seconds to find the right information on a ticket
  • Percentage of errors: Percentage of late arrivals
  • downtime from prolonged loading on an airplane .

How is the problem solved now?

By airlines? Here we see everything. Sucks dare. Compilation: by the

design community? It’s being decided. Here's what Evernote designer Adam Glynn-Finnegan drew :

I love what Adam did. I like that he doesn’t just lynch everyone in a row , but takes a single item and improves it. I did the same: I took its version as a basis and improved it further.

What else can be improved in the version of Adam?

You can move a lot, replace, finish. I got this (encore):


If we remove the color from the version of Adam (and it is not supposed in the final product), we get this:


As a result, instead of the planned horizontal stripes, we see rather such a grouping:


Instead, I propose to group the fields not with lines, but with columns :

Aircraft layout

Flight attendants will save tons of vocal chords if they don’t repeat something like “Next Pass, Please,” “This way please in the back,” or “Adelante, por favor.” Why not write it on a ticket? A better draw . I experimented with simplification and came to this form:

All unnecessary around the edges

The passenger already knows his name, so he can be removed away. I removed everything that was not priority for the passenger in the “header” and “footer”.

Duplicate landing information

Sometimes they tear off a large part, sometimes a small one. Now, when I write this, I am flying with a connecting flight, and for one of the flights I took a large one, and for the other a small one.

Therefore, I duplicate this part. What for? To make it clear that this is one and the same. I agree, it looks strange if you offer an alternative - to welk.

Voice from the audience: dude, this is the last century. Now there is electronic registration, printouts of boarding passes, airline applications, and in general there is a Passbook in the iPhone.

Indeed, alternatives have emerged. And, as often happens, they inherited the flaws of the original.

Printouts are the same paper boarding plus a mixture of legal information (so as to poke our nose at the point in small print) and advertising (hotels, car rentals and exorbitant transfers). Printouts need to be improved as well as paper boarding passes, as well as to clean up: throw out everything that people don’t read (and they don’t read) and leave the key points. For example, write briefly and clearly how much the excess baggage costs.

Here's a good option:

Electronic boarding - they are children of paper boarding who have inherited the curvature of their parents. Here are two boarding passes from Passbook.

Pay attention to the randomly scattered fields, small letters. Once, when I tested the usability of iPhone applications, one grandfather apologized and started looking for glasses: I was moved and made the font larger. What is it like looking for glasses in a narrow aisle? If we increase the fonts, we get a pile up as in the original paper versions, which was required to prove.

A voice from the audience: Dude, you are already rubbing a page, and we are waiting for where the two saved lives came from!

Take the United States alone, where 500 million passengers a year. Suppose we save 10 seconds for each passenger. We get 158 ​​years of savings every year, or two human lives:

Appendix: how to criticize this article: quick start guide

I’m a designer myself, and I know that you don’t expect a good word from colleagues, so I’ve attached a convenient list for criticism. For convenience, you can specify the number of the fault:
  1. Nobody needs this, everything is normal (we have two points of view on the same thing)
  2. Make the seat number 10 times larger! It is important!!!
  3. Two times the same thing - this is nonsense. I am ready to agree, but what if one part is torn off, then another?
  4. It would be better to get down to business.

At the same time, I would really be glad of such criticism: “And what if you do so, here is my sketch in Photoshop.” I was happy to see improvements in my design. As a joke, tasks to warm up, as anything. I adore when they offer something, think, ask, “why so”, “how did you do it” or “but here I solved the same problem like that”. Friends, my heart belongs to such small questions, tips and improvements. My heart belongs to you.

PS. I hope with my heart it turned out quite dramatic.

Update: applied the excellent hack freextraz . Thank you so much.

Update 2: Comment on printers from a former S7 Update 3 employee

:A whole class of comments about what should be plus examples when it is needed (strange connections, group travels and so on). Commentators want a departure airport, the passenger’s name is large, and some want layouts for all airline planes. UMAX took your wishes into account and made its own layout:

Update 4 A great option sent tonsky :

I like that it reads both in a column and in a line: landing in so much there.

Guys, those who drew updates - I would like to give you our icons with lifelong updates as a token of gratitude . If you accept, write in a personal. Thank you very much.

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