Customs wants a percentage of cross-border purchases

    It seems that our government has found another source of replenishment of the budget. The Russians began to buy too much in Western online stores and the Federal Customs Service proposes to introduce a duty on goods up to 1000 euros. Currently, work is underway on the tax "automatically charged when ordering goods on foreign Internet sites and making settlements between the buyer and seller through electronic payment systems." The amount of tax offered to do from 1% to 10% of the value of the goods. It is not very clear how this tax will be “automatically levied”. There, by the way, they considered that if they introduced a tax last year, an extra 280 million euros could have come into the budget. FCS positions this tax as a “fee for access to the virtual market."

    As usual, they look at Western countries, where the limit of duty-free import is about 100 euros, and we have already 10 times more. Russian online stores support this initiative - they say that everything is dishonest, they pay all local taxes and duties, but they don’t buy from them, they all pull from Western online stores.

    Opponents say that in Russia there are almost no local manufacturers who sell anything in online stores and who, this tax could support. Mostly Runet stores are engaged in the sale (resale) of foreign goods.

    In general, the tax looks like another way to make money from the air (more precisely, from the population), hiding behind “but they have it in the West ...”, and as a way to do many things for their own population is even more expensive.

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    UPD. Suddenly it became clear that they were already collecting signatures at the ROI against such initiatives. On the initiative page, there is also information on where these initiatives come from.

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