Adsence tests advertising management from account

    I did not notice much excitement, and indeed news on this topic, but as they wrote on Problogger with a link to the official adsense blog : “AdSense Introduce ServerSide Ad Management” , which can be translated into Russian as “Adsence represents server-side advertising management”.

    I’ll explain what I understood from the text of the post, while Google is conducting a closed test of a new chip for adsense, which will allow you to change the appearance and color scheme, as well as the type, of ad units directly from the account control panel. This is pretty clear in the picture.
    adsence ad managment tool
    Now, once you set up an adsense code on a site or embed it in a theme, you don’t have to manually change a bunch of pages on different sites so that the links change color to red - the entire visual part will be configured in one place - in the account. Unfortunately, in order to take advantage of this feature, you will have to wait a while until the active testing period ends, and then, sadly, it will be necessary to change the code on all your sites to a new one, but this time it should be the last, as Google promises . We will wait and see, but I think it's worth the wait.
    adsence ad managment tool

    The original article, "Adsence is testing advertising management from an account," on the blog .

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