iPad Air (5), iPad Mini Retina, OS X, iLife, iWorks

    Colleagues, according to the good old tradition, let's discuss the October news from Apple, looking at the illustrative material from the presentation.

    Apple News

    * 200 million devices were updated in 5 days of iOS 7
    * 1 million applications in the AppStore
    * 60 billion downloads
    * developers earned $ 13 billion

    OS X Mavericks

    Optimization in the new version of the OS allowed to increase the operating time on the current hardware, up to 1 hour more browsing and 90 minutes more video viewing.

    OpenCL is now available on integrated graphics.

    Now free! A new era - OS are becoming free. Available today.

    List of compatible PCs.

    Macbook Pro

    13 "inch.

    Haswell chip, Iris graphics, 90% faster. Up to 9 hours of operation, PCIe-based Flash, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt 2.

    15 "inch.

    Graphics: Iris Pro graphics and GeForce 750M, up to 8 hours of operation, PCIe Flash, 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2.

    Mac pro


    This is how it looks in the workplace.


    Saves electricity.

    On sale since December.


    New versions of iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband for both iOS and Mac.

    Redesign in iOS version:

    So for Macs:

    A new feature is to share your video through iCloud.

    The new version of Garageband for iOS 7 supports 32 tracks on iPhone and iPad. Support for iCloud - started on a mobile device, continued for Mac. In-app purchases, you can buy drummer sessions, etc.


    Full file compatibility between mobile, web version and PC devices.

    Redesign. There are no piling controls in the interface.

    Collaboration is a new feature in iCloud web versions of iWorks.

    Free for new buyers.

    iPad Air

    170 million

    470 thousand applications sold specifically for the iPad were sold :

    Everyone uses and loves the iPad.

    New Name:


    453 grams. This mass allows you to hold it with one hand.

    It's all about the design.

    A7 and M7 inside. 8 times faster than the first iPad and graphics faster 72 times. Files open 2 times faster.

    Specs. 10 hours of work. LTE supports more bands.

    The prices are the same. Available in two colors - silver / white and space gray / black.

    A version with 128 GB is available .

    From November 1st, but not in Russia.

    iPad Mini with Retina

    Retina screen.

    Also has an A7.

    Available from November. And the version with 128 GB .

    New covers.

    Also popular now: