University of Maryland Introduces Robot Caterpillar

    Nowadays, almost every technological university is developing one type or another of robots. Habré has already published a lot of news about such robots, including fish robots and snake robots. Now there is also a caterpillar robot created by the team of the University of Maryland. According to the developers, such a robot differs from others (for example, serpentine robots) in increased cross-country ability.

    This feature of the robot allows you to use it in rescue operations, for example, during and after earthquakes, leading to the formation of large-scale blockages. Of course, a robot cannot help a person hidden under the rubble (if you mean help like delivering water / food). But the robot can crawl into any slot that is suitable in size, and also shoot everything that it “sees” on its way onto the camera.

    The speed of the device is small - about 1.6 kilometers per hour, but all this speed is quite enough to move in the blockage and under it. So far, there is a working prototype that can do a lot, including moving along a pipe. Soon the longer model R2G2 will be ready, which will be equipped better than its prototype.

    And here is a demonstration of the work of R2G2:


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