Apple will replace 64 and 128GB SSDs for free in MacBook Air mid 2012

    Around the middle of September, I encountered a strange problem: after updating the software, my MBA started to dull noticeably and I decided to reboot it, but it did not boot, and the Apple Hardware Test showed a malfunctioning SSD. I could no longer make a copy of the disk from the recovery. As a result, the MBA was delayed with the sticker “take it to repair”. But today I came across a page that says that Apple will replace 64 and 128GB SSDs in the MacBook Air released from June last year to June this year, if the possibility of a malfunction is confirmed.

    Apple and its authorized Seris Centers (AASP) will take care of free replacement of problem parts.
    To confirm the problem, it is recommended to go to the Mac App Store , go to the update section and updateMacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1 . The update will check the status of the SSD and, in case of a problem, redirect to the page with the appeal of Apple.

    IMPORTANT: Apple strongly discourages updating your OS or software and making backups.

    If you find problems with the SSD, you should contact AASP ( find the nearest one ) or contact Apple.
    Also, if you are sure that you paid for the repair of an SSD that failed due to no fault of your own, then you should contact Apple and you will be refunded.
    The replacement program is valid for all mid 2012 MBAs for three years, from the start of sales.

    Toshiba is to blame for the incident, according to some reports, the case is in the Sandforce controller. The number of problem laptops is not specified, and it is also not known whether the entire batch of SSDs or only a part is problematic. According to some reports, a problematic SSD may appear in the system information as APPLE SSD TS0256F.

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