Artificial Intelligence and Search Engines

    Commonplace beginning

    The Internet has appeared in my life and at the same time its parent - fidonet. The time spent in the first network was limited by the time and the wallet of the parents, receiving information from this network was painfully long and did not justify itself, it was much easier to look into the encyclopedia and get what is really necessary. With the second network, everything was much simpler, but the feeling of being outside the network created some discomfort. Supporting software (hereinafter simply referred to as software) was distributed on CD-ROMs, and it was sometimes a faster way to get information, and cheaper than the Internet.

    For my ancestors, the Internet was something negative - a place where nothing but porn and viruses exists. And also this is such a thing that makes the home telephone constantly busy, yes, and I used it when a class teacher had to call, who scored attempts to get through and asked me that my parents contact her.

    The search for the necessary information was limited to the local catalog of Internet resources and the famous Yandex.
    Before I came of age, I managed to get into a storehouse of information; no, it was not a library, it was a CD-ROM salon. And later I got a job with a provider, where Internet access was not limited to me both at work and at home. Then distributions of fresh software and new knowledge began to appear.

    My parents put up with the times, my specialization was not computer at all, and I needed a computer to write scientific work in the botanical field. By the will of fate, everything changed dramatically and I began to work and improve myself in the IT field. By this time, the Internet had become more accessible and much faster for me, besides, later came the age of majority and my capabilities became much wider.
    Active use of the search engine, ICQ and chat rooms have become a daily, commonplace. Yeah, I remember the time of the local chat and the desire of many people around me to open my local chat in order to get the maximum power. Then there was no such thing as personal data and everyone willingly shared them right and left. So knowing the ICQ of the chatger, one could find out his name, surname, age and even IP, the latter allowed not having admin rights and using the vulnerabilities of the systems of that time not to deprive access not only to chat, but also the entire Internet for a long time. But this is not about how we used, use and will use the global network, but how it uses US ...

    How we were outwitted

    First fidonet - then the Internet, first blue hyperlinks - and then design masterpieces. That's how it all developed, and partly before my eyes.
    Search engine developers tried to optimize their systems so as not to miss a single site that appeared on the global network, sometimes he wondered how my mini-site even got to Yandex. But with the advent of high-speed Internet, the opportunity appeared to make more and more massive sites, I remember at first there were such unspoken rules for a successful site, to limit the page size (so that it loads quickly and the user gets access to the page), now all these rules We started, for the speed of the Internet allows.

    Nevertheless, the search engine has changed a lot, now it’s not the search engines that adjust to the sites, but the sites to the search engines. Search engine developers are trying to simplify the search for the right things and understand the user.
    And the developers and owners of sites want to get on a pedestal (places of honor) in the search. And after all, everyone is involved in improving this mechanism, we train these hefty machines, which today are able to answer any question we are interested in, monitor our activity on the Internet and offer what they think we need.

    “Tomorrow” these machines begin to speak with us in a voice and every hour / day their knowledge increases at the expense of us humans, they grow in the form of a separate organism, which for now we can control. Isn't the search engine AI (artificial intelligence)?

    “After tomorrow” we will store all the data on the network and use the power of large intelligent machines for our calculations. We attach hands to these machines and they will become not virtual me or you, but something that has its own logic, thinking and actions that are characteristic of people (maybe even feelings).

    What are we today? On the shelves, less and less often you will find real books for anyone, you don’t need to chase knowledge, you can always open Wikipedia or Wikiquote and insert it into your VKontakte or Facebook wall post and pass it off as your thoughts or knowledge.
    In the present, it does not matter how much you know, it is important whether you know how to use the information that is presented on the World Wide Web. The ability to use and find is placed above the knowledge itself.
    Universities do not keep pace with the flow of new information and the knowledge gained is no longer relevant and not applicable in most cases!

    Deprive us of this limitless stream of knowledge and we will remain helpless, blind kittens. Device war is possible!
    Imagine that most devices will become your enemies, they can harm us. A mobile phone, a communicator, a computer, a laptop, have long become the second memory for many of us, depriving us of it is the same as forgetting some important part of our lives. And with each new generation of machines and people, the line between them is reduced.

    We strive for the plot of the film The Matrix.

    Even 10 years ago, we could not imagine that a personal computer could fit in a pocket. Today, modern communicators and tablets are catching up with their older brothers (pc, laptops). And it seems that just a little remains: to come up with a compact source of energy of a larger capacity, and apart from the communicator, no things are needed.
    You have a smart TV at home, to which you can connect your device and work on the big screen today. As a manipulator, the same communicator or your voice and gestures are in the air.

    It is very convenient to track any ordinary needs of a mere mortal, and with the help of this knowledge to manipulate him at all levels.
    Let's run forward a bit. Google glass goes on sale, now the video recorder is not only in cars, but also in public. A device that not only knows the location, but also sees what is happening around. In addition, valuable tips will be able to vparyat user institutions for premises, etc. as Google now does now.

    The next step is compactness and alternative energy sources for devices. More recently, Samsung announced the development of contact lenses with a screen. Those. information will be displayed to your eye, and as I understand it, both the processor and other components are also located on this lens. Have you heard about Augmented Reality? Imagine you are looking at the world through a glass in which clues to things in the real world appear. Here on that Gloria jeans, but today you haven’t eaten and there is fast food nearby. A certain terminator interface.
    161918.21086_real So, the person himself can serve as an alternative source of energy. First, we voluntarily implant GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and lenses, and then, and generally, identification everywhere happens on these devices. Hospitals, restaurants, shops accept payment and carry out identification only through these interfaces.

    For especially lazy auto mode, you don’t have to decide anything yourself, the car will decide everything for you. He will find and arrange you for a job, order the food that your body perceives ... Why not light option of enslaving a person?
    Imagine that through these lenses you can display something that really is not there - people, cars and entire cities. This, after all, looks like a matrix already.
    We connect sensors to our body to get additional sensations and opportunities, and a machine with AI uses each of us as a big battery. Indeed, for the existence of the whole machine you need only one thing - energy, and a person is suitable for this like no other.

    Today we produce them, tomorrow they will begin to produce us, and here we will already change roles - not we them, but they will have us.
    They are not a gadget for us, but we are for them. Machines will be interested in the development of more capacious batteries with minimal production and maintenance costs ...

    Between the present and the future

    Gamers no longer go to the store for a CD, there is Steam and Origin, having a plastic bank card, we pay for the game via the Internet and it is available to us anywhere and anytime, we should not forget the main password from the account.
    We are taught, taught to buy digital content - AppStore, Play-market and similar projects. Take a look at your device, most programs are designed in a way that resembles physically real things.

    Imagine that a person has a physical shell, but does not use it, what does it give us? Minimum costs for the production of things - all objects are digital and in reality do not exist.

    For example, you wanted to change the wallpaper in the apartment in which you allegedly live, like the Sims game, you give a command to launch a store, before you are thousands, millions of interior options that you can purchase. Today, your apartment is decorated for a party with a large plasma on the wall, and tomorrow a picture of a famous artist hangs in the same place. At one point, you can completely change not only the world around you, but also the idea of ​​yourself for others. No more exhausting workouts to maintain a figure, you are only part of the program for others, allows a wallet - change appearance at least every day. Be a man, a woman; fat or thin ...

    Digital content is more profitable than real production, everything is limited by our imagination, programmers and designers of the future world. It makes no sense to spend money on production and research, why? We can create our own world, with our own rules and laws. The resource in this world is not precious metals, oil and gas, but the man himself.
    To support the operation of the entire system and infrastructure of the “new world”, resources are needed, a person consumed everything he could, the planet is not able to give something, but the person has himself.

    There is no point in the real world — limited space, long development of technology, the possibility of causing physical harm to each of us (violence), demographic growth and decline. In the digital world - space is unlimited, technology = fantasy, violence is absent as a factor.

    Physical sensations are created for each of us by a certain machine, which, from part, does not allow beyond the digital world. Once again, you cannot get in a certain network and you cannot get out, and there is no reason, the reality is more depressing. The machine is so perfect that it can cause us feelings at the right time, there is a desire to multiply, it is not necessary to have a baby, a digital model that becomes available and grows in the family, and the family itself may not suspect it is not reality. This is the next step, to transfer us to the digital world and to study our life from the inside, improving the system itself.

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