02 Collector: Friday Content, 3D and Typography

    Again, I am sharing with you a selection of interesting sites and resources in order to distract from the workflow by the end of the week. This time there will be a lot of 3D browser and typography sites.

    3D and WebGL

    Beautiful and realistic graphics, in all its beauty, demonstrating the capabilities of WebGL

    A three-dimensional, full-screen HTML5 game in which you need to fly through obstacles and listen to music as you progress

    Realistic 3D models and combiner Nissan Juke

    3D Heineken ad space where people from all over the world upload photo of bottles

    Dutch game mechanics promo site

    F1 racing history infographics with integrated 3D map

    We ride the map on the Bugatti Veyron among zombies

    Cool effects on the site

    3D piano that can not only be rotated, but also played from the keyboard

    Three-dimensional sphere consisting of video clips

    Card Experiment Game

    Editable 3D map where you can draw a relief with a brush

    Over a million flying particles counted by your GPU

    High Resolution Moon Model

    Interesting sites for inspiration

    The work of the famous motion designer, futurist and lecturer in the field of design and motion graphics Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK

    Digital agency portfolio site from London

    Brewery promo site with video clips on background

    Museum of the beloved hero Mario

    Russian magazine with tons of cool infographics.

    Portfolio of London illustrator and graphic designer

    An unusual site with many effects.


    Cool font presentation from Fontshop

    All you need to know about typography in 10 minutes

    Extensive font collections

    http: // betype. co /
    http: //blog.fontshop.com/

    Materials for designers

    Dribbble and Behance in one place

    Logo design process

    Car dashboard collection

    Illustrator Prototype Brushes

    A post about the nuances of using a "flat" style in the interface and forms

    Updated service that can store mudboards


    New Facebook app for Windows 8

    Chat for iOS that does not store chat history

    Alternative launcher for Android


    Increase conversion in just 187 steps

    UX Porn for UX Designers

    + Bonus

    A new word in film production. A DSLR camera coupled with Kinect and open source software allows you to get a hybrid of video and 3D data with the depth of objects

    Collection of works performed in this technique.

    + Link to last post

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