DevFest SPB 2018

    It's time to leave is gradually coming to an end. Autumn is looming in Petersburg sky, which means that soon there will be DevFest SPB 2018!

    What is DevFest?

    Google loves technology, especially when interested in them, and interest societies arise around them. That is why GDG (Google Developer Group) was created. This is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist in learning technologies, sharing knowledge, organizing and conducting meetings and conferences around the Earth. And the main milestone in the annual activity of such local groups in a huge number of cities is the autumn wave of DevFest!

    Judge for yourself: in this impressive list you can find conferences from Argentina to Siberia and from Uganda to India.

    We also could not stand aside, so we are glad to present you the announcement of the DevFest 2018 in St. Petersburg
    At the helm, you have left:
    Andrei Dmitriev - the guy from and the creator of Mobius
    Artur Vasilov - android from Yandex
    Seryoga Ryabov - our free Kotlin- Evangelist from Joom
    and Dasha Gorchakova - PR Bee Agency Hive
    And also
    Lenya Kalneus - one of the founders of the largest DevFest in Siberia
    and I, Kostya Tskhovrebov - android architect in St. Petersburg Redmadrobot joined the team

    Where and when?

    November 27 - Medik Ave., 3
    If you, dear reader, were with us last year, you probably noticed that we changed the name a bit: now it's DevFest SPB.
    In addition to the name, the place has changed, the conference site this year is the former factory LenPolygraphMash .

    Now the entire territory of the plant is being rented to various companies, including Redmadrobot. Robots have always been and are at the very edge of modern technology, so they happily agreed to participate in the organization of the conference and provided us with a convenient platform located close to the metro (and also completely under the iron side of the robots).

    Who should go?

    Personally, I have always believed that in a conversation with a professional you can learn something new and interesting, which you can not meet in normal practice. In addition, it is useful to get acquainted with other views on known problems, to look a little deeper. I am still silent about the reports themselves and the discussion of the issues raised.
    Therefore, my opinion is: if you are a practicing engineer, a novice intern, or just partial to modern IT technologies, then we must meet very soon!

    First speakers

    This is only an announcement, but we are already shaping our program. This year there will be two parallel tracks, with 7 reports each. Reports will be related to Android, Web and other hot topics.
    Here are some of them:

    Royi Benyossef, Google Developer Developer, Samsung NEXT. Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Royi still “Loves Russia, Android and public speaking!”.

    He already spoke at the first St. Petersburg DevFest last year, becoming one of the main discoveries of the conference, and this year he again applied for participation.
    Now the program committee is in the process of choosing from several of its reports.
    Recall that last year Royi talked about aspects of UX and some tricks you can use to improve the performance and usability of your application. The report was called “Don't use it or lose it!”
    Soon we will tell you that we are waiting for you this year (follow the program on the site ).

    Alexander Efremenkov
    “I am writing the code, I look in Android”.

    Report “D8 / R8 vs DX / Proguard”
    Android added a new compiler, D8 (Dope 8), which allows you to compile faster than DX and have the smallest final apk size, as well as R8 - replacement for ProGuard. In this report we will try to understand these updates, as well as compare and understand how D8 compiles against the good old DX, why did the second ProGuard, and how stable it is.

    Tanay Pant, Berlin, Germany
    Authorized Mozilla
    Author, hacker, developer and technology enthusiast.

    “Developing cross browser web extensions”
    In my talk I will talk about 3D objects on the Internet, virtual reality, VR devices, WebVR, WEBVR API and creating multiplayer games with A-Frame.
    I will also demonstrate creating a multiplayer game similar to Pokemon Go using WebXR in a real-time coding session. A live coding session will cover topics such as creating a game scene, importing 3D objects, interacting with objects, adding animation, implementing WebAR, and adding multiplayer capabilities to the game with real-time databases. By the end of the session, participants will have a complete understanding of what WebXR is, and they will be able to create cross-browser web applications, as well as multiplayer games like Pokemon Go.

    And how much is this fun worth?

    Since nobody wants to get rich at this conference, all the money from the purchased tickets will be used to pay for the accommodation of speakers, the road and organizational needs.

    The price of the main ticket starts from 2000 rubles and will gradually grow to 3,500 rubles as the conference day approaches - it is better not to postpone it later!

    And if you are also a student, we will be doubly happy to support your desire for knowledge! Therefore, a student card costs 1000 rubles !

    It seems to me that now there should be no doubts.

    I know such an interesting thing here ...

    So you can tell a lot! Send your topic with a small description to us at CFP , and we will definitely study it, and it’s not very likely that you will soon be on DevFest from the other side of the stage (almost like a rock star).

    Other information

    All other information can be viewed on our website .
    The program is updated there, you can buy tickets, study the map to the site and much more.

    If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the conference chat.

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