DIY: plastic for 3d printer

    Last weekend at Maker Faire Rome, Marek Senický showed off a personal plastic processor / plastic printer machine for 3D printers.

    “I created FilaMaker because I got the price of plastic. I created it in my free time in order to show the whole world that it is possible (to create a similar device). And it's all open source, ”said Marek, a developer.


    The approximate price is 500 euros.
    The accuracy for 3 mm plastic is
    0.05 mm. The developer plans to launch a crowdsourcing campaign on indiegogo.
    It is planned to reduce the weight of the structure from 24 kg to 19 kg, and the plastic production speed from 1 meter per minute to 2 meters per minute (for 3 mm diameter)

    Photo and video under the cut



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