Ru-Center fined 239 million rubles for fraud with. rf domains

    Remember, immediately after entering zone.rf, a serious scandal broke out with Ru-Center? Then this organization was accused of having issued more than 70 thousand domain names that were of a certain value (names of companies, products, classmates, etc.). In addition, the company is also accused of providing customers with unfavorable working conditions in the zone.

    All this happened in 2011, and only now a final court decision appeared, which was implemented by the company. So, the registrar had to pay 239 million rubles to the budget, and information about such an event was published on the FAS website.

    It was the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia that started the lawsuit with the Rucenter, accusing the registrar of the misconduct mentioned above. At the same time, the proceedings went on in different courts of different levels, and the FAS did not win in all trials. The case came to the Supreme Arbitration Court, which found the registrar guilty of violating antitrust laws.

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