You can now link the Google Play Developer Console to your Google Analytics account.


    Today I saw in Google Analytics the possibility of linking a Google Play Developer Console account
    (I looked at Conversions - Google Play - Transition map - it seems that I did not see such a tab before).
    What this gives us - now it will be possible to see not only how many new users have downloaded the application,
    but also the number of page views of the application on Google Play , which was promised more on Google IO.

    Analytics offered me to do this myself, for the rest it seems to be done something like this:

    • Go to Administration.
    • There we select the account of our mobile application (resource).
    • Resource Settings.
    • Advanced Settings.
    • Links to applications from Google Play.
    • On!
    • We put a tick in front of our application.
    • Save.

    It seems to be all.

    Since after enabling this option, I still have little analytics - I can’t do a more detailed review yet.
    If there are habrayuzers at whom it earned earlier - please share your impressions.

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