Journal "News of Cosmonautics" ceases to exist

    The Russian magazine and forum “Cosmonautics News” - the era, phenomenon, brand of popularization of the Russian cosmonautics and its history, will disappear in the near future. Unlike the previous case in 2015, this time non-financial reasons. The new leadership of Roscosmos does not need such a magazine.

    In 2015, due to the regular “reform” of Roscosmos, the magazine lost funding. The situation in 2015 with the magazine and its funding is described in the article on Habré in the full quotation of the editor of the Tax Code Alexander Ilyin by reference - [UPD] The Journal of Astronautics News can close
    What kind of magazine is this?

    “Cosmonautics News” - both the magazine and the forum are an era, a phenomenon, a brand. I have been reading a magazine since 12 - from the first half of the 90s. I can not imagine how you can argue that you are interested in astronautics and do not read NC. The magazine team has released some great books. With the participation of the editors published diaries Kamanina. And the "World Manned Cosmonautics"? Call the book better. Where else can you read about all the flights of shuttles, for example?

    The NK subscription is a real encyclopedia of world space exploration - a detailed description of all launches (nowhere else!), A chronicle of work on the ISS, interplanetary vehicles - nowhere in the world is there a journal with so much information about space affairs.

    And the team is unique, people work for 20 years. Simply fantastic - I read their articles in childhood - and now these are my colleagues. Igor Afanasyev (yes – yes, he wrote the classic “Unknown Ships” and other well-known books), Igor Lisov (a brilliant editor, translator of many popular science books - no one can believe - only Lisov).

    And the forum? There the Old tells about the NNISSH, there the SerB (Sergey Burkatovsky - look in the wiki ) laid out his project of the lunar expedition. Yes, industry institutes go to the NK forum for inspiration!

    In general, I fully agree with this article - ...
    The renewed financial support of Roscosmos allowed the magazine to be published in electronic and digital form in subsequent years.

    In 2018, after the presidential elections in Russia, the leadership changed in Roscosmos. Although it is difficult to call a change. On the grandiose plans of the new old leadership can be read on Habré in a recent article, the New "Ten Commandments" of Roscosmos . As it turned out, Roskosmos needs an official publication of the RKP (b) corporate magazine, which, together with the ever-optimistic “Roskosmos TV Studio”, would convey to the masses the pictures of the bright future of Russian cosmonautics. The eye fell on a professional magazine about world space exploration funded by Roscosmos.

    The new magazine will be managed by outsiders who are not related to the current edition of NK.

    The news was greeted negatively as in the “Cosmonautics News” forum (the topic fell into politics and was closed) - Carefully, the doors are closed !, “Astronautics News” magazine ceases to exist.

    So in the discussions in the social network. The most prominent was the owner of the site, aerospace expert Vadim Lukashevich. It was expressed so that I give an example of only two fragments on the topic:

    Just a good Russian space journal is NOT NEEDED right now. Moreover, he is dangerous to her. Because you can’t talk now about the second Japanese Hayabus, preparing to land on an asteroid, when with your interplanetary men you’re full of huyabus ... You cannot talk about frequent launches of reusable Falcon-9 steps, because they don’t exist in Russia. You can not talk about American heavyweights, because in Russia about them is an empty chatter. You can not talk about the Chinese lunniki, which are not in Russia. We cannot talk about new American spacecraft, because from the Russian “Federation” there is only a name. And so for what topic do not take it - all the expected space events in the coming years will be American, European, Chinese, Japanese.
    The next post was a detailed criticism of the activities of Rogozin and his plans:

    Those interested can read the text further on the page of Vadim Lukashevich.

    The loss for history will be the Astronautics News forum. Contains a large amount of information about the space program and its history. Much is not found in other places. Apparently the forum will disappear on September 1.

    PS clarification on the forum:

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