Upgrading the YouTube video interface or the next Google Optimization

In hot pursuit, I would like to express my indignation at the next innovation in the interface of the Google service. Earlier, the search giant has already “pleased” us with the “optimization” of the search functions itself - quick settings disappeared as a class in November last year (judging by the recording of Lici comrade ). For example, almost every day I have to use the filter to show results only in Russian. Also, almost every day I resort to filtering the results of pictures by size. Yes, yes, since last year all this has been done through ... through the annoying intermediary "Search Tools". Now the “talented” pens of Google’s “optimizers” have reached YouTube.

From now on - no two-click video quality setting. First, click the settings button, then Quality, and only then select the required parameter. Yes, there’s only one superfluous action, but when it needs to be done at almost every video viewing, it seriously violates the universal harmony and balance of inner Yin and Yang. Frankly annoying innovation against the background of the already obvious "jambs" of the service. For example, I put the video for loading, I saw the loaded volume. Clicked within the loaded ruler - get the download from scratch, from a new point.

Or putting the same quality video. It is impossible to make the default so that the user could not automatically play videos in HD / Full HD - only the original 360p (if 240 / 144p is not a “ceiling”). Advances are possible only for full-screen video, for this you need a) create an account b) delve into the profile settings.

For me, this is an urgent problem in the light of the fact that many users have no idea about the possibility of changing the video quality on YouTube. Seriously. I regularly publish surveys of registrars on various resources and, of course, enclose examples of filming. When a user writes under a clearly good video something like “nifiga is not visible, everything is blurry”, I used to jokingly say “change the quality of the video”. After a certain incident, it became clear that people are not joking, but really think that by default they see the "source", the best quality video. First of all, it concerns “non-IT” resources for a wide audience.

But Google is apparently not "annoying" at all. In the specific case of the events of recent days, it will remain a mystery - why it was necessary to complicate everything if the buttons fit perfectly on the horizontal panel. The publication could be placed in q & a, but the question of the possibility of returning the original interface seems too rhetorical.

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