Twitter goes public

    A microblogging service with an audience of 200 million people has submitted documents to the SEC to obtain permission for free stock trading. For the first time in history, an official IPO announcement was made in the form of a tweet .

    Secret preparations for the issue of shares have been made possible thanks to recent legislative changes, whereby companies are no longer required to inform the public about preparations for an IPO if their annual income does not exceed $ 1 billion. So even the aforementioned tweet was optional. However, if the company’s application is approved, it will be required to publish detailed financial documentation.

    The appearance on the exchange of another IT company is always a pleasant event. It’s all the more pleasant that Russian brokers have recentlysimplified the procedure for buying American stocks for Russians, so that everyone can quite easily collect a bag of shares in Google, Apple or Microsoft, which you like.

    If you are very lucky, then even small investments can bring serious income. For example, a year ago, a student from Carolina, Kyle Conroy, drew up a tablet saying how much money you would have if you had bought not Apple product at the time, but Apple stock for the same amount.

    It turns out that shareholders receive money from the pocket of buyers. Or, as an option, when buying a company product, you transfer money from one pocket to another, which is also nice.

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