Electromagnetic radiation blocking the operation of engines

    The video (recording a telecast, about 6 minutes) demonstrates the process of working a new high-tech non-lethal weapon developed by Norwegian scientists commissioned by NATO. In a number of science fiction films and books, the main character with the help of an "electromagnetic field generator" or something else like that, could stop the engines of cars or aircraft - a similar goal was set for developers in this case too.

    The meaning of the development is as follows: a powerful beam of electromagnetic radiation can block the operation of a car engine, water scooter, drone, terrorist transmitter at a considerable distance: in other words, all devices whose operation in one way or another depends on electronic components. At the same time, as you can understand, the emitter is freely installed in a car the size of an ordinary SUV, and does not look bulky from the abundance of batteries or some other power sources, as one might assume.

    As is the case with military developments, they don’t give technical details - they just offer to see how it works. The video shows that the journalist, while driving a car, stops smoothly (probably knowing what will happen) in front of another car, which is the source of the electromagnetic blocking beam. And from the further words of the scientist - Dr. Ernst Krogager (Ernst Krogager) - we can understand that the principle of operation of the device is obviously connected with the ignition system of cars.

    A little further is shown that the development is able to work at a considerable distance and, probably, selectively. In the video you can see how the engine of a water scooter is blocked from a car installed on the shore of the lake (although it’s impossible to estimate the distance anyway).

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