Dusk Rift - an online game about the real world and real places

    We announced a new version of our geo-social online game. Real cities and real places, but now in the urban fantasy genre, with superheroes and saving the world. Beta for mobile is planned for the winter, but for now you can sign up for keys and share the link with friends: DuskRift.com

    Our trick: a full-fledged, deep MMORPG about the real world. Be a superhero saving your real city from the Shadow invasion. You can walk around the city with a smartphone in search of hidden enemies, or you can relax enemies on your couch from your tablet or laptop.

    Why are we better than Ingress: first - no need to run around scalded around the city, and then look for where to recharge your Android. Play from the couch - no problem! Second, we make the game much deeper. Quests, groups and raids, bosses, battles of players with each other, team battles. The plans are competitions between cities and countries.

    Who we are: a small team with a large gamedev background, residents of the MSU business incubator. We have been making the game for 7 months, and a couple of weeks ago we made a powerful pivot; before that, the project was hyper-realistic, it was called StarTowns.ru. But it lacked the spirit of the game, the epic goal and the wow effect. Now all of this is abundant in Dusk Rift.

    Why this post: right now I'm in Boston, I'm pitching an idea and looking for money, including at the upcoming Russian Innovation Week, and we really need an early traction, just your interest in the idea.

    PS. Thanks for the minuses, corrected, I will consider.

    PS2. There are already 350 new subscribers per night - thanks!

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