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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release №134: Invisible DOM and files, new attributes for images, web components in Firefox, news from the forest, a good conference.
    podcastFive-minute Angular podcast # 11 - WSD, Community, ngrx-data, websocket, Angular 7.0, CLI 6.2 beta
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 66 - Zhanna Kruglova about the fate of developers on the decree and history of Big Interviews
    podcastDevshakhta-podcast ": # 46 - Joon's path - how to completely change profession in a year
    podcastPodcast" Frontend Youth (18+) " # 61 O, Lisp machine
    videoInterview with SRI teacher Dmitry Andriyanov
    videoWeb Standards Days, recording of the conference, held on August 18 in St. Petersburg
    videoenJSCamp Barcelona 2018, 13 videos

    Web development

    enWebAssembly: how and why
    enLearning web development in 2018
    enFull anatomy of Gutenberg WordPress editor
    enCreating websites for Safari Reader Mode and other reading applications
    enSensor API for the web
    enSeven best online sandboxes for writing code
    enAccessibility: your links skip content broken


    habrMaximum adaptability with a minimum number of media queries, or a method of reverse adaptability
    habr5 CSS techniques you should be aware of
    Standard for non-standard
    First public draft of the module of values ​​and CSS units of level 4
    enVariable fonts: what they are and how use
    enAll features of the color-adjust property
    en3D transformation functions in CSS
    enAbout switching from HEX & RGB to HSL
    enTime saving techniques for working with responsive CSS images


    enSynchronization between tabs using Web Locks API
    enBuilt-in functions in V8 (builtins)
    enHow to create a simple component for working with the camera

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enTone.js - a framework for creating interactive music in a browser using the Web Audio API
      enfrom-html - get a link to the element directly from the HTML string
      enTheoremJS - a mathematical library for JavaScript calculations


    habrWhat video codecs (do not) use browsers for video calls
    Mozilla engineers removed 23 add-ons for Firefox that collected information about users
    Opera 55 released: new settings interface and simplified installation of Chrome extensions
    enCreation of Chrome extensions in 2018: good, bad and evil


    • The new AI DeepMind system is able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for more than 50 eye diseases
    “We are the power here”. How Dvach saves and maims other people's lives
    How Amazon creates a YouTube competitor from Twitch
    Three decades of Might and Magic: understanding the history of the legendary franchise
    Artificial intelligence in action
    Is it possible to create a super-programming language - experts say
    Not like it - grow a new hand ": a designer of limb cultivation and cyberpunk in Russia
    A new set of Specter vulnerabilities has been discovered in Intel processors: Foreshadow or L1TF

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