The Debian Project is 20!

    On August 16, 1993, the release of a distribution called Debian (on behalf of the founder of the distribution, Ian Murdock and his wife Debra) was announced .

    Debian is considered one of the oldest and most stable distributions. The distribution adheres to the philosophy of stability and openness and has the largest repository of packages.
    The latest, at the moment, version of Wheezy is supported by 13th! architectures. More than 138 distributions have been released based on Debian .
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    Debian's birthday celebration takes place in Switzerland at the DebConf13 conference .

    Debian is one of the most popular server distributions, even NASA uses the system in the workplace of the ISS astronauts and was used in experiments on the shuttle Columbia back in 1997.

    At the moment, 13 releases of Debian have been released , the date of the 14th release has not yet been determined, but it is known that it will be called "jessie" .

    Stable and tested versions of the Debian operating system are called the names of the characters in the cartoon "Toy Story"
    An unstable version of the Debian distribution is constantly codenamed Sid, named after a negative cartoon character who has broken toys.

    We wish the community to develop further and delight us with its releases!

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