Book about Ilya Segalovich

    July 28, Ilya Segalovich passed away, perhaps one of the most extraordinary people. He was a talented leader, an expert in technology, but most importantly, he was a kind person with a strong position. I happened to know him personally, unfortunately not very long. A little over a year ago, he and his other colleagues and I did the project “Web Observer”, about which I wrote earlier.


    A few days ago I had an idea - to make a book of memoirs about this man. The format of the book is articles by colleagues, friends and close people about the most albeit insignificant at first glance moments of his life. I can’t say that I’m a great writer, but my memoriesI wrote on my blog - probably about the same format of the article I intend to include in the book.

    I plan to send all the proceeds from the sale of the book to the Children of Mary fund , which is supervised by the family of Ilya. In order to make it convenient for you to comment, I decided to arrange some issues related to the release of the book in the form of sub-items, so when commenting, please refer to them:

    1. To write a book you need a strong team. I can’t boast of writing talents, so I would like to see Habravites who can act as typesetters, designers, writers, editors, proofreaders, promoters, etc. to join the project. Translators who can translate the book into other languages ​​will also be needed.

    2. It is planned to issue not only a paper, but also an electronic version of the book. I plan to distribute the electronic version through leanpub, maybe someone can offer a better option.

    3. Regarding the release of the paper version of the book, I negotiated with Mann, Ivanov and Farber. In my opinion, they accepted the idea without much enthusiasm, perhaps they have their own plans for the release of a similar book. At least I was given the answer that they do not know to whom this book could be interesting. If you and your friends would buy such a book - please note :) It is also possible you will have your own thoughts - who could release such a book on paper.

    4. If you worked with Ilya, were friends with him or crossed paths on any project - send your stories. They will be included in the common piggy bank and little by little chapters of the book will be formed from them. Also - send your photos and video materials, they can be included in the electronic version of the book.

    Add. links:
    Page of the future book on facebook -

    UPD: There was a proposal to start raising funds for the publication of the book on Boomstarter. Do you think it makes sense?

    PS: By the way, you can help the Children of Mary Foundation without waiting for the book to be released -

    PPS: The article will be updated.

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