Research IT-sales process

    We have been selling consulting and automation for quite some time. And in recent years, associated with sales of SAAS.

    We communicate with different companies and compare how the sales process is organized in product and service companies. Often we fall into disputes about the motivation of sellers, their workload, the right experience and education, about lead generation channels, regulations and sales processes.

    After several such disputes at conferences, we decided to initiate a study of the IT sales process in order to make a slice with the ability to compare how IT sales are now organized in different companies and different countries, where everyone has sore points and what can be done more effectively.

    From the results of the research we will make a large report, or an article, if there are interesting findings.
    I will publish the article here, the report will be sent to everyone by mail.

    If you are related to sales in your company, please take part in the survey.
    Or send the link to friends, if appropriate.

    The questionnaire may not seem very convenient and not very small, but we honestly tried to make it more convenient and as informative as possible.

    Here is a link to the Google-form:

    I would be happy for your comments about the study and sales in general.

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