Roskomnadzor refused to license Skype

    Many people remember the story that MTS asked the state to protect itself, and indeed all mobile operators from OTT services ( MTS asks the state to protect itself from Skype ). The newspaper "Vedomosti" in a July 17 issue reported that Roskomnadzor refused to comply with the request of MTS for licensing Skype. Proof .

    For those who are too lazy to follow the links in brief news:
    Oleg Ivanov, deputy director of Roskomnadzor, sent a letter of refusal, which was at the disposal of the publication, on July 3 to MTS. According to the letter, Russian legislation establishes the “legal basis” in the field of communications in the Russian Federation. Since Skype does not have branches and representative offices in Russia, and the legal entity of the company is registered in Luxembourg, state control over the operation of Skype, according to Russian laws, is “impossible”.

    Ivanov also mentioned the second reason why Skype licensing is impossible: the services that Skype provides are not included in the list of communication services requiring licensing approved in 2005.

    So Skype can live freely, at least for a while.

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