Conference hackers DEFCON. Hacking speed


    At the 26th largest hacker conference in the world, DEFCON, held last week in the United States, a competition was held in a dedicated room at the Voting Village for teenage hackers. It was necessary to hack the retired voting equipment connected to copies of the official websites of state administrations.

    It took just 10 minutes for 11-year-old Audrey Jones to crack a copy of the Florida state administration site and change the results of the presidential vote in 2016 - the libertarian candidate Darrell-Castle won in the orange state.

    The organizers recommended using SQL injection for hacking.

    Audrey explained her victory by saying that “it was necessary to simply exploit the vulnerabilities of the system” and that she “knows how to print quickly.”

    State secretaries were quick to make an official statement that a pseudo-environment was used at DEFCON, which in no way replicates state election systems, networks, or physical security.

    The Secretary of State of Florida stressed that only the site was hacked, but not the voting system.

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