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    Good afternoon. I never did reviews on anything, and especially did not want to start this business - but (!) I really liked the recommender device, which I even decided to share my joy with others. Good things attract. Motive: I'm going to rest in the south \ sea. And of course, the question arises of portable equipment on the road. A smartphone, a tablet, a camera, a player - everything will come in handy in the buildings of train stations and airports, and even in the trains themselves, and the airplanes. I decided to choose a mobile battery, so that at the most crucial moment (or at the most boring moment as an option) not to be left without power, and not to stomp boots, sneakers and slippers in search of an outlet. In search of an alternative, I came across this model: IconBIT FTB5200U. A good one, I tell you, is the choice for recharging all the portable electronics in your backpack (well, with the possible exception of a laptop, although few people use laptops on the road now, more and more have switched to tablets). Well, I must say - quite a budget option. So you can take it without even reading anything under the cut, and if you still doubt it, welcome to a detailed review! I warn you: under the cut only my purely personal opinion is spiced up with facts and feelings from using this device. Go.

    The methodology for constructing the article is that the real user opposes the documentation and applications of the developers.

    Further, I will cite excerpts from the documentation and explain in brackets how much any statement corresponds to reality. But first, a couple of photos.
    Actually the battery itself

    Type of product in a box



    The first thing that catches your eye is a very elegant appearance. Well, in the photo everyone could see. The main thing I want to note:
    • Absolutely not soiled, cool surface (mmmm ...) pleasant to the touch (I still didn’t understand what kind of material it is — special plastic felts, or ceramics).
    • Beautiful, ergonomic shape of the battery. The flat end allows you to put the battery "stand" and charge in this position. You can also put it on its side and it will also be good :)
    • There are two ports on the “working” end - regular USB (out) and micro-USB (in) port. There is something to complain about - they are very close to each other. This causes some inconvenience when connecting the cords to both ports at once - the thickened USB cable brazenly blocks the input for micro-USB.
    • There are also indicators of charge completeness (also not so hot: it would be possible to make the division price lower) 30-, 70-, 100- percent.
    • Well, the power button. No complaints.


    • High capacity 5200mAh (it can be noted that it works a little less than the declared figure. The experiment was conducted on the iPhone 5 (1440 mAh). This device was able to get 3 full charge cycles from 0 to 100 percent (4320 mAh) from the battery, and then the supply has run out. Although, maybe the battery has not "dispersed" yet and maybe it will still open up the declared possibilities in itself)
    • Compact size (indeed, it fits well in the jeans pocket and in the smallest pocket of the bag. I also want to note the light weight of the battery, only 120 grams)
    • Two USB ports (about the ports I told above already - in the section on appearance)
    • Adapters are included for all popular devices (indeed, there are several adapters for popular devices in the kit. It's a pity there is no lightning connector.)


    • Output voltage: 5V; 1000mA (well, I didn’t measure it with a voltmeter, but it charges all portable devices that I tried - it charges)
    • Input voltage: 5V; 800mA (by the way, I want to say about the charging time of the device itself - it is not as long as it could be - about 2-2.5 hours)
    • Capacity: 5200mAh (described in the Specifications section)
    • Dimensions: 102 (L) x 23.5 (W) x 23.5 (H) mm (no comment)



    - Simply connect the USB cable from the device to be charged to the battery. Connect one end of the cable to the “OUT” output of the battery, and connect the other end to the device through an adapter. Press the “ON” button once, charging starts, the green LED indicates the charging process.
    - When charging is complete or if there is no connection to a digital device, the green LED will stop
    flashing. The FTB5200U will turn off automatically after 30 seconds.
    - When the green LED blinks during charging, it means that the charge is running out and the battery
    needs to be charged.
    Note: if an overcurrent occurs during operation, the battery is automatically put into protected mode. To disable this mode, you need to charge the battery.

    How to charge the battery

    The “IN” input is used to charge the battery. The red LED lights up during battery charging; when fully charged, the red LED turns off.

    Further I enclose the link to the documentation . Caution - PDF! Follow this link, please, and let me explain what and where they lied, and what you can believe. The points:
    • When charging, the green LED blinks.
    • The green LED always blinks when charging. And when recharging the battery itself. He just always blinks.
    • About the red indicator - a lie. I could not achieve it by any action.


    You can purchase this device in any electronics store. I have acquired this in MVideo .


    This device is good to keep in your backpack, so as not to stay with a dead battery at a critical moment. The benefit of ergonomics and battery capacity allow.



    The study was carried out by charging from 0% to 100% IPhone 5. The battery withstood three complete cycles and fell off :) I was planning to charge the iPod after the experiments, but it did not work out. Let's see what further use will show.

    • It works less than the stated numbers. Although not a fact - maybe you need to do more charge-discharge cycles
    • I hate it when something is blinking. All the more green light.
    • Flickering shines through the side of the case.
    • No adapter for Lightning.


    As for me, this is a good thing, although it has a number of disadvantages. If anyone else has experience using portable batteries, please comment.


    • No, I don’t put a million photos in super-high resolution in the article on the hub, because they can be found on the Internet at the very first request of the subject. Habr, after all, not for the lazy.
    • Materials taken from the office. IconBIT website .

    Thanks for attention.

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