Webmoney restores work in Ukraine, but with restrictions for users

    Today there is interesting news - the fact is that the company Webmoney today is restoring its work in Ukraine, as previously announced. It seems that the authorities nevertheless went towards this payment system (if you can call it “went towards”), introducing certain restrictions that Ukrainian Webmoney users who are still withdrawing / withdrawing money in hryvnias will clearly not like it.

    The fact is that it will be possible to withdraw no more than 4 thousand hryvnias per month, and, as far as you can understand, all this will be under the control of power structures. In any case, it is planned to introduce some special cards with a face value of 500 UAH, which can be used in Ukraine, but no more than 8 times a month.

    Here is a paragraph from the news on one of the Ukrainian resources:

    “The issuer of virtual money or its agent, according to the NBU, can accept money from individuals credited on chips in these cards, or in cards with access to electronic money to the computer’s memory, as well as in exchange for money issued through an ATM. It is worth noting that users will not be able to transfer "electronic" money to each other using the cards mentioned to replenish their account. Experts believe that the NBU wants to use the current situation with WebMoney to create a payment system problem. This way, the agency will be able to control all persons using the payment system. ”

    Personally, I did not understand whether the authorities will be able to control the funds transferred to cards such as Payoneer, and if so, how. Most likely, this restriction applies only to those Ukrainian WebMoney users who work with the hryvnia and Ukrainian intermediaries.

    UPD . Here is more information from liga.net (thanks to L3n1n ):

    “Earlier, several media reported that the NBU decided to amend the provisions of the decree“ On electronic money in Ukraine ”by introducing special cards with a face value of 500 UAH that can be used not more than eight times a month. It was noted that, in this way, Ukrainians will be able to cash up to 4 thousand UAH from their electronic wallet on WebMoney. for one calendar month.

    »The limit is 4 thousand UAH. per month and 500 UAH. a day appeared in the new edition of the NBU resolution, and concerns chip cards agreed with the NBU electronic money. The decision is considered until July 1, 2013. The norm on these limits does not apply to us, "said Margarita Ormotsadze, spokeswoman for WebMoney Ukraine.

    Via glavcom + lenta

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