Why Hong Kong is a Great Option for Snowden

    At first, many did not understand why the NSA informant escaped to Hong Kong. But knowledgeable people immediately saw the genius of his decision. There are at least six reasons for choosing this country .

    1. The complicated procedure of extradition is shown in the diagram . The average time between the beginning of the process and the receipt of the case by the court of appeal is one year. Three more years before the last court of appeal. In difficult cases, the extradition process may be delayed for a much longer period.

    Hong Kong's legal system is based on British law, in which compliance is mandatory and immutable. Any error in the document or procedure will send the case for review, so the show with lawyers and judges starts again.

    Hong Kong Extradition Process

    For example, hearings on the extradition to the United States of the famous Nancy Kissel , who killed her husband, an influential investment banker, have been going on for ten (!) Years.

    Snowden’s case cannot be called simple, so in his case the procedure will certainly be delayed. In his favor is a possible political motive (if the case is recognized as political - Snowden is automatically released) and the possibility of interference by the Chinese authorities, who are unlikely to help America arrest the “national hero”.

    2. Hong Kong is a paradise for a geek. Fiber optics in almost every apartment, the average number of SIM-cards per capita: 2.3 pcs., And unlocked mobile phones sell anywhere for 10 bucks. You can purchase SIM cards and easily change them. Unlike the rest of China, the Internet in Hong Kong is not censored by the Big Chinese firewall, so Facebook, Twitter and other joys of life forbidden in China are available here.

    3. Community support. The first small demonstrations in support of Snowden have already taken place in Hong Kong. The rally last Saturday was organized personally by a legislative adviser, that is, a local official. When reporters asked him how important Snowden is for ordinary Hong Kong people, he replied fervently: “Do you use a mobile phone? Do you go online? ” A poll on the front page of the local South China Morning Post newspaper showed support for Snowden with a margin of 70 to 30.

    4. Hong Kong occupies almost the most ambiguous position on the political map of the world, and this can also play into the hands of Snowden. There is no single authority, and China, and the local government, and the United States have some influence. Officially, Hong Kong has the status of a “special administrative region of the PRC,” but it has its own political and legal system, independent courts, its own police, separate immigration laws, and its own currency. For certain reasons, China is in no hurry to complete the takeover of Hong Kong as soon as possible.

    5. Protection and security. Although Snowden argued in a recent interview that the NSA could pay the Hong Kong mafia to destroy it, in reality Hong Kong is one of the safest places in the world.. In a city with a population of 7.4 million last year, only 27 murders were committed. The killings are so rare that almost every one of them remains for weeks in the headlines, there is a record number of policemen per capita. In addition, the United States does not dare to unauthorized launch of a drone, sending special forces or a sniper to China.

    6. Legal assistance. Hong Kong is a place where dissidents from all over China come, there are many human rights organizations that are ready to provide advocate support. They will fight among themselves to take such a famous client for protection.

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