Runetology (200): Maxim Spiridonov, General Director of the Netology Educational Center

    Maxim Spiridonov about how “Runetology” has changed and he himself over 4 years of work, why he considers himself primarily an entrepreneur, not a journalist, and what will be Runet tomorrow.

    Guest Interview:
    • From showbiz to the Internet: how did Maxim Spiridonov get to know the Internet?
    • Practical guidance: opening your own business in Germany.
    • "School of Life" in the "School of Life": the first projects and training in practice.
    • and the future of podcasting: “The question of the popularity of podcasting is the question of replacing the fleet and LTE.”
    • Case on the internal mechanics of IT business: what software to use?
    • “Netology” as an answer to the market demand for specialists: how should competent personnel be trained?

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